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Epic April Fools' Prank and Jokes!!!

by - April 02, 2016

{Epic April Fools' Prank and Jokes!!!} Hey yo! Although I still have a lot of posts pending, but I decided to inscribe this post on today! It's been a long time since I last could wake up after 8am in the morning and loll in my sofa with the most precious person by my side at 10am and blog with the burden-less shoulders. I'm FREE! I really need to quote a contractor's words, “我现在还不能给你一个答案” which means right now I can't really give you a valid answer! If the time is here, I'll reveal it here.
This photo was taken 2 years back at Megan's 21st birthday. How young I was at that time. Majority of people, okay, to be more precise, it's like almost every single person who encounters me at the first time would think that I'm a very serious person. A person who does not really joke throughout her lifetime and who only focuses on her results and works. Alright, all I could say is I really like people to have misunderstood me at the first sight. I don't mind. I like it how people envision me as a serious person.

I can't really be GOOD to you at first. I think there's always boundaries for me to disguise in a mentally healthy mask which sounds so scary but in a GOOD way. Each person has different personality so you have to determine who can be fooled and who is not. Coz I saw some real cases before, my friend A had a joke on friend B and ended up friend B pissed off and .... That was so scary to me haha! Alright, alright but I gotta say as day goes by, my audacity had upgraded which caught me off guard! Let's see how it goes...

Yesterday was 1st April (April Fools), I woke up and naturally realized that it was the day which I have to be careful of not being fooled by the others. I did not mean to prank on the others initially. After packing my bento, I carpooled with my dad at the passenger's side. Coz I will go to a new company soon, so I told him...

Sam: Hey, just want to tell you that I had rejected the company (my soon-to-be company at Bayan Lepas) which offered me and I chose the another law firm nearby SEGi college. 
Dad: (HUSH for about 5 seconds with worries) I think it's not that good for you to work at Georgetown, it's far and always congested which will cost you loads of fuel that you can hardly survive with your salary.
Sam: It's not what you wish for 24/7? You want me to be a lawyer and right now I'm working at a law firm. Isn't it GOOD?
Dad: I think you should work at the company at Bayan Lepas.
Sam: Oh NO! I could not make any changes as I had already signed off the offer letter from the law firm!
Dad: (HUSH for another 3 seconds with anguish) I think you should...(I chimed in)
Sam: Dad, which day is today?
Dad: 1st of April, April Fools.
Sam: I cheated on you, no worries!
Dad: (HUSH again, I could not see his facial expression as I was focusing on driving.)
Sam: Did you really think that it was real? Didn't you?! Hahahahaha!
Dad: (HUSH and speechless for everlastingly)
Sam: How do you know that today is April Fools? So CHIO one?
Dad: Of course I do! I read newspaper each and everyday!

How cute my dad is! Gwiyomi~ Haha! Then, we reached at my workplace where the second unexpected prank happened!

Yesterday, there were 2 new Indians joining the company. A nearly 40 years old woman (new branch manager) and another one is a 60 years old man (I'm not sure of his position to be realistic like how he does not know my position). Okay, in the early morning, the branch manager asked us to gather at the meeting room next door for a meeting. I did not even have my breakfast and needed to attend to this meeting which was not so important to me as I'm gonna leave here after all. It started at 9.30am something and everyone was seated. The branch manager started her long long speech~ Self-introduction~ Self-achievement which I did not really appreciate. After her own story, the old man said it was his first day why not having an ice breaker with self-introduction of each and everyone of us. Alright, it began. Unfortunately, I was the 4th one. Then it went like this...

Sam: Okay, there's nothing much for me to describe myself. I'm Sammy and I'm the youngest here, I'm 21 years old.
BM - Branch Manager: (Chimed in) You're only 21 years old? So young?! (looked surprised and shocked)
*everyone in that room was shocked as well as they know my real age.
Sam: (Shouted) April Fools!
BM: (a bit rolling her eyes to the ceiling) (I can't remember what she said as her voice was covered by the laughter and giggle of the colleagues)
Sam: just April fools lah!
BM: (woke up from her shock) So tell me your position.
Sam: Basically, I'm now doing handover to the newly added person. Hence, if you want to know more, you can ask her for details.

This was how I ended my conversation with the BM. I don't really like to talk so much to strangers. Alright, these were the most epic April Fools' prank and jokes in my lifetime. People don't expect that I would be this bold and to joke around the company haha! My last day is nearer, that's why I could do this. So if you still want to work at your current company, better don't follow me! BYE!!!

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