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Cho Dong Jib Korean Restaurant 초동집@ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

by - April 29, 2016

{Cho Dong Jib Korean Restaurant 초동집@ Queensbay Mall, Penang.}Yo~~~! Whatsupps guys! How are you guys?! I'm living a pretty good life here. Erm, recently I got asked about things regarding my new job which including 'when did you change your job?', 'why didn't you tell us about your new job role?' and etc. Too much! In order to stay away from these questions, right now I'll clarify it. I'm now working as an analyst. Basically, it's not a HR related role. People might ask why I didn't apply any HR related job instead. I just... I'm not sure as well though haha! Just, I'm following my destiny. I did not think and hesitate too much. I go for the one with better offers and benefits. Coz I truly believe in it's not the job which makes who you are, it's YOU who makes the job it is. After all, it just depends on the person who performs the job. I don't really like HR though as I'm an introvert. Keke!

Let's stop the job related topic and start scanning the FOOD!

I always wanted to try this so right after we visited Cathe and her child named Berlin, me and Karen decided to give this a TRY! I'd asked several headcounts before for research purpose, they told me this shop is worthwhile to try.

After you ordered, they will serve you water. It somehow reminded me of the Indian cuisine where they serve the aluminum cups. 
These are just parts of the menu. I think the price range is quite affordable.

 This is their set of side dishes. Our favourites are the eggplant and the pumpkin. As for the Kimchi, it's not bad as well. Well, the others are just ok ok (I bet you get what I meant right?!) haha! It's refillable!

Yupe just to update you guys, right now I'm using another DSLR camera! So, my sis was like so so excited about it and kept on snapping the pics!

It took about 15 mins for the food to be served.

Pork Rice (RM 22)
I'm astonished once I had a bite. The pork is nicely cooked. It comes with a bowl of soup. Do not underestimate the soup, it tastes amazingly fresh and good! As for the rice, BOOMSHELL! You will definitely learn that it's tasty just by its appearance! The rice texture is daebak (korean - like amazing meaning). I personally prefer this pork to the KO.B.Q but my sis carries an opposed mindset from mine.

 Spicy Rice Cake (RM25)
I was so so excited to dig it in until I tasted it. I think this is a bit lower than the borderline. I couldn't even finish it. It's rare to see me do not finish my own dishes. All of the ingredients including the rice cake do not carry the taste of the sauce. It should be cooked longer to let the sauce go into the ingredients.

But I was still happy with the rice!

The interior design is simple yet comfortable. The background music is the KEY! Haha! They played the hittest songs including AOA's, SNSD's and 'Descendant of the Sun's. You even get to watch the MVs! So, I'll leave it here, had already revealed my personal heart-to-heart opinions, to go or not to go? Ask yourself! Haha! But I'll definitely go back for their rice!

Details of Cho Dong Jib Korean Restaurant 초동집
Address: 3F-08/LOT-047-A Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas 
Business Hour: 11am til 10pm on EVERYDAY :)
Tel: 04-644 9311

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  1. Please don't go there. This is the first Korean restaurant i been whereby can't refill the side dishes they served. Not even the vege.

    1. Hi, yes I do agree that this point is the drawback but many other Korean restaurants have set this rule as well.


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