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[EVENT] SOJU Birthday 2017 @ Time Squares Penang & Autocity

by - February 27, 2017

[EVENT] SOJU Birthday 2017 @ Time Squares Penang & Autocity

 Soju had just waged their very first Birthday Bash this year which was happened on 17 Feb 2017 at Soju Penang and 18 Feb 2017 at Soju Autocity. The performers lineup is from all over the world.
So, here's the story...
I was being invited for this Soju Birthday Bash and I was about to reject it coz I'm not a clubber haha and I am always afraid of going to the club because I watch too much of HK drama talking about how a club would lead to many kinds of situation haha! However, my 3rd sis insisted to go coz she likes it so much and plus, some of my besties haven't gone for clubbing before, so I decided to accept it this time.

We chose to attend the after event which happened at Soju Autocity. Then, the tragedy happened on me and 2nd sis. We went there separately whereby 3rd sis and my parents were together and me and 2nd sis were on another car.

I'm always losing my direction as usual and 2nd sis is not familiar with all the roads after travelling past the Penang Bridge. We relied on our 'stupid' GPS and got lost in direction! We tried for more than 7 times but ended up being in the same place at Jusco or Tesco or something... We were so afraid and frustrated. Even got ranted by my dad coz he was too worried about us. Typical Chinese parent!

Then, 3rd sis said that they wanna go back d coz it was already chime at 10.30pm and we were still lost. We departed at 8.30pm and lost until 11.00pm something. Can you believe this! OMG! I was feeling really dizzy and nauseous due to the heavy travel illness. Qiong (my friend together with Wendy and Yi Joo) contacted me saying they had arrived. I asked them to enjoy without me. I'm still so sorry about this unwanted incident as I somewhat disappointed you guys. Sorry BROs!

I'm grateful that they even messaged me to assure that I was in a good condition. I only managed to replied them the next morning as I was falling into a deep and heavy slumber that night due to the travelling illness.

Sorry to Soju as well for not being able to make it! And yet, thanks for your invitation!

Story ends. Here you go the pics~  
 Special guest for this: DJ Janice from the Philippines, DJ Jenni F, Soju's resident DJs TWISTER and DVDJ DNESH.
Actually, I'd been there last year. I did enjoy my first clubbing experience there. Yet, I think it's prone to a concert style. All the singers nail in singing and performing. 



GEORGE TOWN: Ravers had an unforgettable night at Soju Penang and Soju Autocity’s first ever Birthday Bash featuring an outstanding international entertainment line up.

The celebrations were held at Soju Penang on February 17 then followed by Soju Autcity on February 18.

Dressed up in creative black and green themed getup, party-goers strutted down the red carpet rolled out at the grand entrance. Invited guests got the chance to mingle with each other over a free flow of drinks before the show started.

Kicking off the night were international band CASH at Soju Penang and TRUE COLORS at Soju Autocity as they wooed the crowd with futuristic themed performances.

International recording artiste Michelle Ayalde mesmerised the crowd at Soju Penang with powerful renditions of Billboard hits together with her own single, Missing You from her album HiPNOTIC. Recording artiste from Indonesia, Satrina sang songs from her album Kisahku at Soju Autocity.

Dancers from the Philippines, Alie and MJ fired up the Soju Penang dance floor as well as N Generation consisting of two dancers from Indonesia thrilled the crowd with their electrifying dance moves. Romanian dancers Mario and Valle from Kenya effortlessly added spice to the Soju Autocity dance floor.

Clubbers were also given the opportunity to walk away with fabulous prizes as the Lucky Draw session hyped up the excitement of the night.

The excitement soared when much-awaited special guest DJ Janice D from the Philippines began playing her music beats followed by the famous local DJ Jenni F and Soju’s resident DJs TWISTER and DVDJ DNESH also hyped up the crowd with their explosive beats to keep the party-goers on their feet all night long.

DJ Janice D, one of the Top 10 sexiest female DJs who appeared in several magazines like Playboy and FHM in Philippines, was on the roll spinning top EDM beats. Malaysia’s hottest female DJ Jenni F also known as the Asia’s Youngest Turntablist Remixer, was also present to spin Top 40 and EDM beats.

Soju Penang is part of the Soju chain of entertainment clubs managed by Penang-based entertainment group Worldwide Platinum Records.

Soju Penang
B2, Entertainment City,
Penang Times Square,
10150 Penang, Malaysia
Opening hours: Mon – Sat (9pm – 3am)
Reservation contacts: 012-556 5876 / 04-210 3082

**This is an invited event.

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