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【REVIEW邀约】LAVA Nails Penang Manicure & Pedicure|Nails Art|精致美甲之贵妇级的享受

by - June 08, 2017

LAVA Nails Penang【REVIEW邀约】Manicure & Pedicure|Nails Art|精致美甲之贵妇级的享受

今年,本宫好像过得蛮贵妇的。之前去了天枰型号享用贵妇级皇家下午茶,现在又来个太太生活之美甲💅邀约哈哈!😂大家都爱做美甲吗?大部分的女性都有美甲💅的习惯,觉得很疗愈。很多韩国🇰🇷艺人甚至还每星期换一次美甲也。少女时代的泰妍玩美甲玩得蛮凶的哈哈!这次本宫决定与各位分享本宫的美甲初体验。很荣幸收到LAVA Nails Penang和Rachel的邀请、邀约,让我尝试‘当大人’的感觉哈哈!因为我平日都不涂指甲油的,1年才会涂一次。我一直觉得只有大人才会涂指甲油。。。应该是之前中学涂了忘了卸,然后被扣分的阴影吧~哈哈!

I think I kinda live a luxurious life this year. Previously, I went onboard the Super Star Libra Cruise to enjoy their exclusive Royal High Tea, now I'm here for another fancy Manicure Review haha! Does everyone like to do manicure? The majority of girls tends to have Manicure and Pedicure habit and lifestyle, they think it's relieving. Some of the KPOP artists even change their nail arts each and every week. I know that SNSD's Taeyeon unnie likes to have manicure insanely haha! I decided to share out my first ever Manicure experience. I'm sincerely grateful to LAVA Nails Penang and Rachel for the invitation, so that I could at least have an experience acting as an 'adult' haha! Coz I normally don't do my nails, probably once a year. In my state of mind, manicure is only for adults... I think this perspective is triggered from the dreadful memory of how I got demerits of forgetting to take off my nail polish. Haha!

Cute puppies~ Although the space is not that big, however, the lady boss behind this shop took all of the burdens in interior design. She DIY-ed the floor, curtains etc. I truly think that the lady boss is a hardworking woman~ The ambience is nice, soothing and refined. Plus, the air conditional is in its moderate temperature.

Princess's sofa. Those rabbits were not originally there, they are Rachel's. Haha!

Let's get started~

First, soaked my hands in the water, it softened my fingers' dead skin, so that they could be easier to deal with.

There was a little high tea session at the side, super super sweet kinda cake or shortcake. Haha~ With sky juice. Due to my extra hunger, I finished it all~

My pretty and lovely nail artist \ manicurist. Talk in a soft tune, nice and sociable. You won't feel bored~ My photographer was totally ignoring me and capturing my manicurist instead~ Haha! Jkjk!

After dried off my hands, the nail trimming and cutting had begun. Pushed the cuticles backwards. The nails would become smoother. Not forget to mention, I did not feel any pain at all! Or is it my skin thicker or something? Haha!

Why was I so happy?

Got rid of those cuticles (photographer missed to capture it), I think she did apply some sort of vitamin essences on my nails. Followed by buffing them~

Finally, it was time to choose my design! We did the gel manicure. This gel manicure could be kept longer, and I personally think it is cuter as it is thicker than the normal one. The con is you need a pro to help in removing.

I chose my own design (used up almost 15 mins to google it haha!), finally I'd done choosing. I thought ice cream is the most related one to summer. But unluckily white was out of stock, so I was then matching the colours by my own~ If you have totally no sense in colour matching, they would take care of it~ This is the lady boss~

This is the UV light. Warming. Manicurist applied a transparent base on my nails and took turn to place my hands under this UV light. This could help in setting your nails.

Followed by our base colour - light blue~

My face looked so tired~ As I was up to work since 7am on that day~ Haha!

Just a bit more to endure for the beautiful nails~ haha!

Lady boss is cute and friendly too. Even made conversations with the rabbits haha! 


Despite fasting, my manicurist still managed to finish her task with 200% of efforts. The nail arts were delicate. She fulfilled every requirement by me, a partial 'perfectionist'. Haha!

嗒哒!终于完成咯~😁💋 你们觉得怎么样呢?我用粉红色代替了白色。我的马来同事还问我是不是西瓜🍉。。。我无语了😓哈哈!
Tadaa~ Finally, it had come to an end~ What do you guys think? I replace the white with the pink. My Malay colleagues even asked if this were the watermelon... I was like WHAT?! Haha!

Acting as a girl is totally no joke~ For the sake of having pretty nails... Haha! Fortunately, the ambience setting there is nice alongside with friendly staffs. Although I was so exhausted, coz you have to be in the same posture with same positioned hands, and my knees could not flex out against the table design, BUT, when I see my manicure babies, I'm beyond satisfaction! 

I wasn't imitating dog~ I just wanted to show you my manicure haha! Together with the lady boss and Rachel. Thanks for the invitation~

Rachel, the founder of www.foodilifecious.com .

Everyone has a nice smile in this pic as we turned our heads and turned back to the camera when it was counted 3 haha~

Let you guys see again~~~ in details~
In order to keep the hygiene, lady boss had come to this idea of providing each and every VIP customer their own manicure and pedicure kit. This will be kept in the shop and when you re-visit here, they would just use this again which is only for you. Kinda caring right?!

Lady Boss took the position and serviced Rachel personally~

You may refer below for the pricing:
It's a bungalow. The most important element for me is their clean toilet~ Haha!

OK! Hope everyone like this post~ See you next time round!

Details of LAVA Nails Penang Menicure & Pedicure

Address: 10, Lorong Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 018-903 4919
Business Hour: 11am to 8pm (CLOSED on MON; Subject to change during festive season)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lava.Nails/

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