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OMAYA Korean HYPE Spiced Chicken @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

by - October 30, 2017

OMAYA Korean HYPE Spiced Chicken @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

OMAYA Korean HYPE Spiced Chicken @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

Another famous Korean restaurant, Omaya has finally landed in Penang! Previously, you could only find it in Selangor. Now, it’s in Queensbay Mall! Penangites can have it every day or whenever they like! BUT, is OMAYA really that nice? Until now (already passed 2 months plus), we still can see the queue and crowds in there. Some compliments the taste, but some complains about it. Wonder Queen is here to help you in investigating it!

This was how it looked on their grand opening day. The entrance was decorated with rainbow colours balloons and somehow it reminded me of Pennywise, the dancing clown.

You may hop onto my FACEBOOK for the reviewing video https://www.facebook.com/pg/wonderqueentv/videos/?ref=page_internal

The interior design of this restaurant was quite special. As you can see later by scrolling downwards, it looked like it was under constructions but don’t worry, you won’t see dust on the table or dust flying around in the air. LOL! It was a nice version of construction site. BTW, the space is quite capacious. You may hold some kinds of team lunch or birthday in there as well.
Balloons were everywhere in the restaurant. Somehow it reminds me of the horror movie, 'IT' haha! Pennywise is coming to town~ Haha! Not Santa anymore~

The tables were large but the chairs were not so comfy. But,  I really like the chair color - baby blue.

Removable divider can be found on some tables. As the tables there are large, two or more groups of people can share one table especially during the peak hours like lunch time. This concept is a little similar to the ‘tap toi’ (sharing of table) culture in Hong Kong but at least the divider provides some privacy. Cases like when a handsome oppa is sitting next to you, then you may as well ask the waiter to remove this divider. Keke!

OMG! Girls’ Generation is in the house!
Oopsie, my mistake, it was a K-Pop dance performance by our local dancers. They were performing Blackpink's and BTS's songs on that day.

Welcome speech and ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Menu.

The restaurant was packed and there was a long queue of people waiting for their seats outside on that day. (You should reserve before heading there in order to minimize the possibility of getting disappointment. Tel [reserve hotline]: 04-618 0009)

We waited for so long as they were busying serving their customers. I think almost 1 hour ++ of waiting.
Hmmm…but where was the 1200mm skewer? Don’t rush, the main character often come last. Some egg mixtures were being poured to the sides of the pan first and we were patiently waiting for the skewer to show itself.

The egg mixture was cooked to perfection and cut into big pieces. We kept asking the waitress if the egg was ready to be eaten when she was grilling the meat. We just couldn’t wait cuz it looked so fluffy and soft!

Wonder Queen says, the texture is alike to the Japanese Tofu. It tastes better than the one from Ssambap @ Krystal Point.

Kimchi, dipping sauces and lettuce are complimentary when you order the 1200mm Korean BBQ skewer. But you have to pay extra if you need an additional portion of vege.

The construction worker (the waitress) was in action! I felt like shouting “Safety first”! They will keep all of the side dishes in this box. It's one of their special things haha~

Kimchi and a few slices of garlic. It's not enough lah bro~ I need garlics!!! I don't like the zombie haha!

Finally, here come the food and beverages!

➫ 彩虹冰 🌈Rainbow Slush - RM11.90

The Rainbow Slush or you can call it as the colourful iced blended soda. It looked nice and very photogenic but was too sweet to my liking (sorry to say that, but we have to be honest haha).

Me and the photogenic diabetes drink haha~ (FYI, this post was drafted by my 3rd sis, but reviewed by me, Wonder Queen 😎)

➫ 西瓜真露酒 🍉Watermelon Soju Melon - RM36.90

This one, you can definitely DIY at home (if you are not lazy) - The Watermelon Soju Cocktail.
Buy a watermelon and slice it into half. Remove the flesh (save it for later) and pour a bottle of soju into it. Cut the watermelon flesh into cubes and put it together with some ice cubes into the watermelon. Done!
Nay~ Just kidding! Don’t be silly! Just order it at Omaya lar! Easy peasy! Haha!

Big boy loves balloons. (Wonder Queen: I think he wanted to imitate the Pennywise, but ended up with a FAIL haha!)

➫ 芥末去骨鸡丁(+🍟)Honey Mustard Boneless Chicken Cube + Fries - RM30

Korean Cheese Fried Chicken: Honey Mustard Boneless Chicken Cubes (served with fries).
This set comes with the french fries as shown in the picture.

The chicken was slightly sweet and it perfectly matched the melting cheese. It was indeed finger-licking good but you are advised to eat it right away as the hot pan might burn the cheese and it will become too dry for coating the chicken cubes.

Snap snap snap! How could I resist taking photos with you (the dreamy cotton candy)?

➫ 棉花糖气泡饮料 🍶Cotton Candy Fizzy Drink - RM9.90

The Cotton Candy Fizzy Drink – orange mango flavor. This drink was definitely Instagram-worthy. The cotton candy looked as dreamy as a cloud. It brought back my childhood memory.

How generous it was! Would we end up getting sick just because of eating too much of seafood?!

➫ 釜山巨无霸海鲜盘 🦀Busan Giant Seafood Platter - RM138

The Busan Giant Seafood Platter.
The seafood was fresh but it was a lil bland. Haha! I still prefer the Chinese Stir Fried with sweet and sour sauce version from Tambun.

The waiter/waitress will help to cut the seafood into pieces.

The seafood platter is all mine (sharing is not caring)! lol

➫ 辛普森汤 🍲Shimson Stew - RM84

The Shimson Stew. It consists of Army Stew, Fried rice and cheese spicy stir-fried topokki chicken. We didn’t get to try this but it looked appetizing. I heard that Kwang Soo (that skinny tall giraffe) from Running Man likes to eat this haha!

After you have done noshing all of the ingredients, they would make you a bowl of fried rice by using the leftover sauce on the plate.

➫ 1200mm韩国串烧烤肉 Korean BBQ Skewer - RM138

This was their signature dish: 1200mm Korean BBQ skewer. 
The 1200mm skewer has arrived. (Wonder Queen: It's longer than my sis. Her 'assumed' height was 162cm in this pic with her high heels.)

I loved seeing these grill marks on meats.

What?! Seafood again?!

The foods on the skewer were only partially cooked. They will be detached and grilled on the pan until fully cooked. You do not have to do it by yourself, the waiter/waitress will do it instead. I super like the grilled pineapple cuts, as it's juicy and cleanse away the extra greasiness gotten from the grilled proteins.

They will be served on a plate to you when they are fully cooked. I still remember the grilled meat was not as special as I thought it would be.

➫ 鱿鱼起司年糕锅 🧀️Deep Fried Squid Cheesey Toppokki Stew - RM58

Deep-fried Squid Cheesy Toppokki Stew. We didn't get to try out this too.

Meanwhile, they played my favourite  KPOP songs!!! This was BoA's 'Who Are You'! This is always my FAV and whenever I was on the treadmill at 8.8 speed, I'll always make sure this song is played.

➫ 熊掌起司年糕锅 🐽Pork Rib Cheesey Toppokki Stew - RM75

Pork Rib Cheesy Toppokki Stew
This dish is definitely meant for sharing! See how huge the pork rib was! The taste of the stew was a bit odd though. It wasn’t taste like the normal Toppokki dishes but still acceptable. (Wonder Queen: I like this dish tough. I even think that this is the BEST dish of all. Haha! The tokpokki is not too hard or starchy.)

If you are a cheese lover, this restaurant is definitely a heaven for you. (Wonder Queen: Yupe! ME!!! No cheese no life!)

You can find Teokpokki underneath the BIG GIGANTIC RIBS!!!

These following pictures define cannibalism. HAHAHA!
(Wonder Queen: What do you guys think on my 3rd sis, Christine's blogging skill? Haha! It took her)

**Thanks to OMAYA QUEENSBAY MALL for the invitation! And sorry for the late posting! Haha!

Details of Omaya Queensbay Mall

Address: 2F-50/51, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel (reserve hotline): 04-618 0009
Business Hour: 10am - 10pm (Daily)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OmayaQueensbayMall/ 
Website: http://omaya.my/


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