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FEAST by the SEA - Seafood BBQ Buffet Dinner @ Four Points by Sheraton, Penang.

by - October 20, 2017

FEAST by the SEA - Seafood BBQ Buffet Dinner @ Four Points by Sheraton, Penang.

Time passes so swiftly without our realisation and now we're almost in NOV. This is the BEST time to reward yourself with a Feast by the SEA as you've been working so hard throughout the year. People say "resting is for the sake of living longer". But if you want it to be more remarkable, you can change it to "feasting is for the sake of living longer and happier" haha! Today, I would like you bring you guys to Four Points by Sheraton, Penang and show you their new buffet dinner theme, the 'FEAST by the SEA' where you can have the most memorable and previous time with your friends and family. You can be able to enjoy this somewhat international buffet dinner here as you may find food like sushi to spaghetti and satay to dimsum. What you waiting for? Let's scroll down!

We're now at the Japanese sushi station. The portion is BIG and the ingredient given is a lot too.

I'm not quite sure which cuisine this fritter series is but I'd tasted the 1st left one and they are crispy.

'Da jia hao', you're now at the Chinese DimSum station. On that day, they served 'ha gao' - shrimp dumpling & 'char siu bao' - steamed meat bun. I tried their shrimp dumpling and the shrimp was fresh and so does the dumpling skin. Aiya, I should've tried their steamed meat bun too. 😂

The spotlight of this "FEAST by the SEA" is here!!!
All of the seafoods here are fresh and 'juicy'. My personal FAVs are the red shrimps and the oyster!!!
I like to eat the oyster with tabasco drizzled on top. How about you?

Smoked tuna and smoked salmon. All freshly served. 😎

Italian pizza corner. They used mussels as topping too. But I was pretty unlucky to have selected the slightly more salty piece.

Welcome to pasta station! This is amazing!!! 😍 And this is not like the usual ready-to-serve kinda pasta station. You need to make order, then only the chef would cook it for you. They have several pasta types but I always prefer the normal one. I chose Carbonara as me and my sis both like it so much. They also have tomato, spicy and a lot more flavours. The pasta was cooked perfectly and achieving the al dente level. The sauce was rich and milky and cheesy... As short, this is 'my plate of pasta'. Haha! 😋

 It's Japanese cuisine again! This is the terriyaki chicken skewer. It wasn't too salty and the chicken was really fresh! I ate a lot of the onion pieces!

Girls' heaven~ Anyone?!
This is the peach pie. I think it tasted ok. At least the crust was not mushy.

Strawberry mousse. The texture was akin to yogurt as I almost thought that I was eating the healthy yogurt haha!

Tiramisu means I LOVE U! Oops! I'm not proposing, OK?! Haha! The flavor was OK but I still prefer the more solidated one.

Some kind of cheese cake. The chocolate cookies bottom was intoxicating me~

Chocolate pie.

Black Forest. Again, it would be better if it was more solidated.

Swiss Rolls.

When you fulfilled your sweet tooth, it's time to head back to the salty side again! Haha!
I need to voice out that I did not try this one as this is not chicken, it looks like chicken though. It's bird. I'm not sure which type of bird but... all I know that it's not chicken haha!

Curry Crab.

Salad corner. I freaking like the variety of mixed salad especially the Thai spicy chicken salad.

When you got bored of the indoor catering, you may head out~

This is the BBQ corner where you can find the local satay and chicken. I need to remark here that their satay, satay sauce and BBQ chicken were so so tasty!!! Especially the BBQ chicken, it was fresh, juicy and tender!!! OMG! 🤓

A variety of dressings or sauces.

It's time to show you what we got...
Sushi with mayonnaise haha~ It's weird, I know but this wasn't mine. It was my sis's.

This was mine. A bit more healthier haha!

My 2nd plate~ Oyster again!

3rd plate~ Mussles...

4th plate jumped straightly to the dessert!

5th plate back to the fresh seafood! I realise that I ate a lot of oysters!!! Actually, there were a lot more plates of food but I could not manage to multi-task, so, forget about them! Shall we? What is DIET? It's 'Did I Eat That'? A question to myself haha~

You may also enjoy the night view nearby the al fresco area just beside the buffet place. The real sea is just around the corner. But, it would seem to be a bit haunting at nights haha~ Don't know why, but I don't really like the real sea~ FYI, I'm a good swimmer.
Stay tuned for more pics~
PS: I wore my sis's sandals from Thailand, hope she won't read this post haha~

Partner in crime.

Thanks Yeng Yeng for the sweet invitation! Let's catch up next time!

Alright! It's a wrap!

Details of Feast by the SEA:

Four Points by Sheraton
Every Saturday night
6.30pm to 10.30pm
RM89nett (Adult)
RM45nett (Child aged 6 to 12 year-old AND Senior Citizens above 60)
Call 04-371 8888 for reservation

Diet? Don't want a buffet dinner? No worries, they also have the SUNDAY LUNCH buffet~

Details of Flavors of the Orient:

Four Points by Sheraton
Every Sunday lunch
12pm to 3pm
RM69nett (Adult)
RM40nett (Child aged 6 to 12 year-old AND Senior Citizens above 60)
Call 04-371 8888 for reservation


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