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【遊泰孝親記】18禁の腳底按摩!曼谷吃喝玩樂、又拍KPOP MV?EAT PLAY LOVE in BANGKOK, THAILAND VLOG 2018

by - April 01, 2018

【遊泰孝親記】18禁の腳底按摩!曼谷吃喝玩樂、又拍KPOP MV?EAT PLAY LOVE in BANGKOK, THAILAND VLOG 2018

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【遊泰孝親記】18禁の腳底按摩!曼谷吃喝玩樂、又拍KPOP MV?EAT PLAY LOVE in BANGKOK, THAILAND VLOG 2018
哈咯!我現在正剪著韓國の影片喔!大家期待嗎?哈哈!今天分享的是本宮與父母、三姐與節省去泰國曼谷的VLOG。你們最後一次請父母吃東西或孝順他們時又是何時呢?這次我3姊贊助他們去泰國曼谷✈️旅行。希望本宮可以賺更多錢,請他們去旅遊~今日重點有➡️爸爸被BTS的們夾了!帶大家一同吃泰國道地的美食。跟著泰國年輕人朝聖吃曼谷超夯的Afteryou甜點。然後,發掘了一家超像韓國電視劇——‘鬼怪’拍攝地的cafe。當然也要拍一拍我們的KPOP MV啦!我也被邀去試吃韓國首席雪餅SULBING在曼谷開的分店。真的很不錯吃喔!最後,我們還跑去腳底按摩,結果被。。。好啦!希望你們喜歡我們泰國自由行分享,我也希望可以再次去曼谷旅行✈️哦!哈哈! ❤️記得按個讚、按鈴鐺、訂閲支持Wonder Queen頻道哦! 每週日7PM準時看新片! 謝謝! 留言➡️你們喜歡哪種泰國料理? (ENG) Hello! I'm now editing my Korea Vlog! Are you excited about it? Haha! Today, I'm gonna share the Vlog of me travelling to Bangkok Thailand with my parents, 3rd sis and Jackson. When was the last time you treat your parents food or treat them well? My 3rd sis sponsored them to Bangkok Thailand this time. I hope that I could earn more money and let them travel~Today's highlight➡️ Dad was being sandwiched by the BTS's door! Bring you guys along to taste their local Thai food. Following the Thai youngsters to enjoy the trendy desserts from Afteryou. Then, we ferreted out a cafe that looks like the set where Korean Drama 'GOBLIN' filmed at. Of course, we have to also film our KPOP MV! I was being invited to try out the Korean pioneered Bingsu namely SULBING at one of their Bangkok branches. It was really nice! Lastly, we went for foot massage treatments, ended up being... Ok! Hope you guys like this BANGKOK TRAVEL VLOG sharing and I also wish to go to THAILAND again! Haha! Remember to hit a THUMBs-UP & turn on NOTIFICATION BELL, SUBSCRIBE~ New video on each SUNDAY at 7PM! Thankiu! Comment ➡️ What is your FAVOURITE THAI FOOD? #family #youtuber #malaysian #taste #test #eat #food #foodporn #foodie #crazy #happy #haha #funny #love #fun #trip #vacation #budget ♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔♔

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