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Althea's Bare Essential = Contour Cleanser + Primer Water + Fixer Cream {SKINCARE REVIEW}

by - May 03, 2018

Althea's Bare Essential = Contour Cleanser + Primer Water + Fixer Cream {SKINCARE REVIEW}

I'm not sure whether you guys have heard of this GOSSIP yet but today (it's pretty clear from the title above haha), I'd like to take the Gossip Girl role to gossip with you~


What's in there?

They are the magics which can make you prettier~ (Thanks to Althea for this cute little mirror!)

*Drums roll*

That is Althea's Bare Essential which comprises of a Contour Cleanser, a Primer Water and a Fixer Cream. Not sure if you have tried their Petal Velvet Powder but I would like to just re-highlight on how amazing this product is. Now, I don't even use any mineral powder, I only apply a thin layer of this Petal Velvet Powder. Amazing.Oops! I think I'm off topic again haha! But all have the same mama - Althea. I'm so lucky to have Mamasang sending over these new products to me. When Althea's Bare Essential reached my house, I was still in Korea that time haha~ (U may go to my YouTube to watch my crazy Korea Vlogs haha!)

Oops! The products are too white and bright~ (is that my saliva on my dress?)

It's okay! Plan B, showing you the close up~

Let's start our skincare gossip now~

The main focus for Althea is to live with SIMPLE PERFECTION.
It means, having a perfect skin with no makeup on but looks like you apply makeup.
Some said that you'll achieve this look if you use this Althea's Bare Essential.
Really? I can't guarantee of course!
Each person has different skin type.
For me, it's impossible to only rely on skincare, you have to keep your mouth away from junks too.

Step 1 - Contour Cleanser

When I read the name, I was dumbfounded by the word "Contour". Like Kylie Jenner? Contour your face? Is it a makeup item? Haha! Little did I know, it is literally a cleanser. It boosts blood circulation which indirectly reduces swell on your cheeks. Hence, it gives you that kind of contour effect. Besides, it smells like bubblegum for me haha~ Expect a little of exfoliating as well from this gentle product.

Step 2 - Primer Water

It's a combination of toner and primer. The texture is not liquidized, it's more to a stickier and condensed texture. I like it though, feels like applying ampoule. The scent is definitely better than Contour Cleanser. They believe that it will give you an immediate hydrating effect. Tips: you may apply a second layer to play the skincare game.

Step 3 - Fixer Cream

The very last step is to seal all the good from your skincare with this fixer cream. Unlike the other creams, this is less oily. They said that you could have a bouncy look and hydrated skin for up to 24 hours.

Here to remark, all these products from Althea are cruelty-free~

This shot is quite funny though haha~
My face looks kinda chubby and different in the mirror~

Gossip is now over.

Don't expect it to be as amazing as Innisfree or SK-II as this line is just Althea's very 1st skincare creation.
Why not getting into this gossipland and get yourself a set of Althea's Bare Essential too?
I sincerely think that this line is nice~ 
I got bouncy and dewy skin in the morning after using these magics.



Wonder Queen.

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