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台北自由行 Taiwan 2013: 7-Eleven

by - March 31, 2013

          Hey, my people! How y'all doing? I've been good here! Literally, I almost finish my assignment for this second last semester of my Diploma! Yeppi! It's like finally I have leisure to update my blog! So many people asked me to post about the Taiwan trip. They wanted to know how I spent time happily all in Taiwan. Alright, now let's started! I won't post all of my schedule in Taiwan but only the remarkable and glorious places, things and moments. 
          By glimpsing at my title, I want to recommend the 7-Eleven in Taiwan. Don't be worrying it's hard for you to seek for. It's like at everywhere. One area has more than one of it. So, you can imagine how easy to approach to the 7-Eleven.
           I really miss their 7-Eleven. Theirs is much funnier to shop in. There are varieties of things for you to explore. It's not like what 7-Eleven looks like in Malaysia. Ours is kinda boring and every time I step in, I can't even find a thing that I want to buy. Bread, maggi hotcups, snacks and beverages are not special and always remaining unchanged. I have such a long time did not walked in our 7-Eleven. Keke!
You see! I did not cheat on you guys! They really have a lot of different kinds of beverages! From healthy dairy milk to a rich hot coffee! All of them are having a attractive dresses and they are really yummy to drink!

This is called "关东煮“ guan-dong-zhu, it's kinda like Lok Lok in Penang. The best part of this is you can refer the calories of each food on the menu printed on the table. How convenient for those like me who is in the diet-stage! Keke! But they do not have any sauce like the peanut sauce served in Penang.

OMG! This is making me hungry now! Wide range of cup noodles! I suggest you guys to try on the Ah-Q! This brand is really tasty!

From the left is my 4th sis then my 3rd sis. They also in love with their 7-Eleven!

They have a very functional machine which showed at the back of us. You can send things, call a cab, book a ticket or even register some documents by using this normal look machine! I think ours should have improved to like this high level! Perhaps in one day.

They sell PAO too! Many flavors including red bean, char seau, black sesame and so on! Look at my dad, he's like can't wait to have a bite of it! He claimed that this was really nice! Soft skin, thick in the filling! What so y'all think?

This is the microwave-food section. Why I call it this way? Bcoz after you paying the commodities from this section, the cashier will surely help you to warm it in the microwave. You just gotta wait momentarily. You can buy a hot porridge, spaghetti, rice and soup.

Besides that, this place provides seats for us to chill in. After a long walk in Taiwan, I can drink a cup of hot cappucino and relax on the seat in 7-Eleven!

You can even buy a japanese food at there! This is really tasty with a fully-filled filling!

This is my all time favourite----Cheese sponge cake! It is really soft and tender and not dry at all. You can taste a rich cheese by just one bite. It's just RM4! So affordable for me! Highly recommended!
This is my everyday's breakfast. A baked sandwich! Really fresh-made and big in portion. Until now, I still dream to have a bite of this! It is really yummy! Just RM3.5! Worthwhile right? Keke! Their sandwich loaf is really soft and springy. When you bite it, you can feel the Q-ness of the loaf! And the filling is like "Haleluya~!" Incredibly delicious! There are hams, corn, cheese and rich mushroom fillings in it! A simple and satisfying way to kick-off your day of adventure!

Mushroom soup! Inside has all the ingredients. It's very different with the Malaysia's which you can hardly find one ingredient.

The porridge. Yum Yum!

You can find things made in Korea too! This is the famous Banana Milk in Korea. Erm, I bought this due to its endorser, SNSD! Keke! Honestly, this is not nice! Don't try it! It's just like a powdery not-fresh-banana milk! I do not like it!

If you were travelling with me, you could find me eating my favourite sandwich all the time.
 Okay! Now I have to stop here! Bye! See y'all in the next post!
OMG! A headless doraemon! Who did this to you? Such a devil!
I am that devil! Keke! First give him a goodbye kiss then eat it up! Tasty! Live young!
A very cute snack for kids like me! Keke! Doraemon one! I really like this! First, I was doubting whether it is like what sold in Malaysia, beauty on the outside, awful when you have a bite. This one is both perfect in appearance and flavour!

This is another type of doraemon snack. This one not nice. Dry in texture and not good in cocoa flavor. I got cheated! Keke!

This one is for my friend. So, I do not know how it taste until now!

This is their new collection of Hello Kitty snack. Just hit the market. But I think it is not my cup of tea. Keke! Don't buy it anyways! 

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