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2013 Chinese New Year- Part 1

by - March 09, 2013

           I know I am late to update about CNY! Keke! But never mind, I can still recall back what happened on that time. Okay! Today is all about the last day of 2012 in Chinese calender or we called it Sha Chap Meh. It was the reunion dinner. Still remember the last updated post? Doggie Cookies?? Yaya it was the same day! Alright, stop writing long essay! I'll start to post some pics! Time is limited! Keke!
These were my 3rd sis's masterpieces! They were 溏心蛋 or so-called Runny Eggs with 醉鸡 wined chicken! So tasty! All of us kept praising my sis that she could be one of the Taiwanese daughter-in-law! Keke! Her BF was tensed after few seconds coz he's not a Taiwanese!
Look at it! The fluffy egg yolk! Yum Yum!

Dumpling with marinated pork and shrimp filling made by my 3rd sis. Half was boiled and half was fried. Which one do you prefer? I prefer the fried one! Coz its crunchiness just killed me!

Taiwanese dish like salad made by my 3rd sis! I really think she is talented! Keke! This can boost up our body metabolism and help us to clean our large intestine! Good and refreshing!

My dad cooked this! White Chicken? Keke!

A table of delicious chinese dishes!

This was from Sushi King! Quite expensive but never mind! Once in a year keke!

Higher HIGHER~!!! Huat arh!

3rd sis and her BF named Jackson!

Sweet old couple keke

My good family!

She was taken off guard!


Yam Seng! It means CHEERS!
I grabbed my dad's tremendous head and he was acting too!

Like a daughter of theirs!

4th sis and me!

Feeding me a meat ball!

Selca with Gwen~

Selca with Chris!

Mr Jackson gave us this hamper! My favourite KOKOcrunch! Have you guys spotted me? At the back! Keke! I was actually playing my tab!

Last pic! Selca! Yeppi! Finally finished one update! See you next time! Good Luck!

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