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Halloween Dressed-up Party---2012

by - November 09, 2012

          Hello, I'm here again! Today's topic is Halloween Party! I know it had passed but I still want to blog it! Haha! This was my 2nd times to make-up as a ghost. Last time was back in 12 years ago! Everybody dressed-up like nuts except my 4th sis, coz she is a coward who gets frightened easily. Haha! Get started!
          I still remembered on that day, me and my 2nd sis watched the horror movie at GSC namely 'Sinister'. It was a very nice movie coz I thought it was really really scary! We got scared in the afternoon and we got to scare others at the night! Haha! That was how I got my idea on it! My 2nd sis put on her make-up first and she used more than 2 hours for it! How ridiculous! I was the next person to get a changed. I put on make-up by myself. I had no idea on it seriously! I just simply put it on. I stole my dad's Carrie Junior baby powder and put it on my face. Then used lots of black in colour eye shadow and eye liner. Lastly, I drew a chili reddish lipstick. Keke! My 3rd sis didn't put on make-up but she helped her boy boy put it on! Oh gosh! Both of them were so enjoy in the middle of the process. Let show some pics!
3 of us. From South Korea, China and England!!!
Captured by my 4th sis and she kept saying it was so scary to take a pic! Haha!

My dad and mum were so happy to wear the beautiful wigs! haha

Seems familiar right?! Guess what ghost was this? The ghost from the Japanese horror movie, 'The Ring'!!!

Ghost family was dancing Oppa Gangnam Style at night! Scary but Hilarious!!!
Still not scary enough! So, she add some black eye shadow around my eyes. Quite funny, ghost helped ghost!

A normal one!

We were listening to the director! Haha!
 The end! Don't be scared coz I'm still a normal folk!!!
Ghost fight!

And I think I won this fight! haha fierce enough!

Crazy look!

Posing like Miss World!

How beautiful plus scary we were! hHaha

Blink Blink!

The ghost from England's wig was so funny!

Sexy Look!

Miss Halloween!

This was my idea, put the red transparent scarf infront of the camera!
Limited Edition!!! Me in Hanbok!

I let the fan blow my hair! Quite look like CF! haha Shampoo commercial!

I am coming to you!!! Beyond your computer screen!!!! Kiakkiak!

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