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Santorini Cafe, Penang

by - November 11, 2012

          Santorini Cafe in Penang! We went to Santorini after having desserts at China House few months ago. I'm now different look with the following photos that I'm gonna post. Coz the photos were taken like back in 4 months ago. Originally, we wanted to have our dinner at Behind 50 but unfortunately, they were fully booked by customers. So, we changed our plan to have dined in at Santorini.
        This was my first time for having dinner at there. This restaurant has downstairs and upstairs. Downstairs were filled with customers so we went upstairs. It was like a Tatami room without any chairs. So, if you are bringing your parents to there, you better dine downstairs for convenience. The room was filled with dimmed lights. Every pic that we had taken was so dark and blur. 
             Let's get in the topic! Here are some of the pictures:
Since it was such a long period ago, I had forgotten the name of the dishes. Really Sorry! haha It was, I think was Carbonara Spaghetti with a grilled fish. This was great in taste. Very rich in carbonara and a bit of milk. It was in a really big portion.

This was marinara seafood spaghetti, RM 10.90. Erm, I think the carbonara one was better. So, you got what I meant? Haha!

This was ordered by me. It was called Pineapple Fried Fish if I'm not mistaken. I didn't think it had anything special. It was just a piece of pineapple with cheese on the top of the fish. haha! Plus, the fish has a little bad smell. Not good.

This was santorini coffee chicken chop which cost RM 12.90. This was great but I could not taste much of the coffee flavor. Whatever, as long as it was better than mine!

Oat Chicken Chop -RM 10.90, this was nice too. But not the best that I ever ate. The oat was just on the top of the chicken chop. It didn't mix with the chicken before it was fried.

Our table. 5 of the main dishes. I recommend you guys to order the carbonara and the coffee chicken chop.
I could not wait to have a bite of my dish! So, I bit my plate! Haha with my 4th sis.

4 of us. Room was just filled by us with nobody else. We could act in free-style!
 Closed on every Monday!!!
Business Hour: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Address: No. 94, Burmah Road, 10050 George Town, Penang
 Contact No.: 04-229 2776 , 016-441 6039

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