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Oreo Cheese Cake for this coming X'Mas 2012!

by - December 22, 2012

         Wow! It's been a few of weeks since I last updated my lovely blog. I was busy with my final exam back then with promising myself not to in contact with FB, Twitter and Blog. But I let myself to release my stress with the Youtube. Coz, I was waiting for the Taylor Swift's new MV, "I knew you were trouble". I watched it! It was really not that country style. Haha. But as long as is she, I will support her forever! 
           Let's back to today's topic, friends! December is the month that light up my cooking mood. It was like every single December, our family will be ended up with tons of cakes chewing in our mouth. Mostly done by me! Haha! Self-praising with exaggeration! Last year, I had posted on my blog about my baking masterpiece, chocolate cake. That was an easy breezy one. This year, I did something special, that was Oreo Cheese Cake.
           I baked them in just yesterday. Its process took me for about 3 to 4 hours. I wasn't that sure. My 4th sis helped me out by acting as my personal assistant. Haha! Both of us love cakes and pastries a load.
            These Oreo Cheese cakes are topped with Oreo cookies and rainbow velvet. After baking in the oven, it did release some good smells. They need to be placed in the crisper for overnight, to make it tastier and more texture. Today, I finally get a closer and deeper approach to my baby masterpiece. Until now, there are 6 people excluding me already have a taste of my delicious and freshly Oreo Cheese Cake. 5 of them gorged my masterpieces and gave me good comments. But one of my taster who was involved in this baking process yesterday, my 4th sis not that impressed and gave me only 69% out of 100%. She said it seemed to be lack of some flavour. 
            I was self-doubted in the whole early morning until I waking up from a nap and taking a bite of my cake. It was nice!!! A bit of bitterness and full of sweetness. The savoury cheese made me flying in the cloud nine. Keke. Let's see how beautiful my Oreo Cheese Cake is!!!
Focus on the Oreo topping first.

A closer look!I feel like wanna run to my refrigerator and eat it all!

Temptation of the Rainbow Velvet Oreo Cheese Cake. Its colourful topping is the remark.

Both of them!!! I feel great and proud of my kids! Haha!

How it looks like after you taking a bite of this Oreo Cheese Cake. You can taste the cream too. This cake is not that thick in cheese flavor that will make you not gonna take another bite. It is creamy and firm which is not that sandy. The most important part is that the Oreo Cookie is still crunchy! Keke!!

My daddy who is also my lasting fan that keeps supporting me! He was tasting my cake and saying how delicious it was and acting out exaggeratedly.
Alright! Coming update will be funnier! So, stick with my blog ya! Bye! And Merry Christmas in Advance! No doomsday! Yaya!!!

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