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Annual Year-End Neighbourhood Gathering 2012

by - December 31, 2012

      Today is officially the last day of 2012. This topic is gonna be the last topic I will update...last for the year of 2012!!! Haha! Gonna start a brand new 2012 soon. Our neighborhood always gathers together with tons of food and bonds our relationships even closer on the last week of December annually. This year, the gathering was happened on 29th December which means the day before yesterday. This kind of annual gathering had been waged since the year of 2007, if I am not mistaken. When I was still a little girl wearing a light blue apron attending to high school. Haha! Can't imagine I am all grown up! Unthinkable! Every year, my dad cooked his famous curry chicken for the neighbors. But this year, we've made it totally different. We did 2 so-called New Year Cakes for this party. YooHoo!!! It was my creative idea. 
      The party was gonna start at 7.30pm but I took my nap til 4pm. After waking myself up, I started to prepare for baking my New Year Cakes. All of my sisters weren't at home, so, I did it all! I got frustrated and anxious at first. Time healed my anxiety as I found that baking these cakes was just a piece of cake. Really! You just have to mix it, stir it and beat it. Haha! 
       My old nanna's oven was too old that it took much time to bake my cakes. I put it into the oven at 5pm but it was only perfectly cooked at 7pm. OMG! My nervousness was arising. Luckily, my sisters came home on time so they could help me out. Thanks to them. We got all dressed up with our comfy clothes and was preparing to go out enjoying Food Hunting. Here's the pics, enjoy...~~~:
My New Year Cake topped with melted milky chocolate and some chocolate sprinkles and 5 different colours of M&M. The base cake is in double chocolate flavoured.

Another same one. But this one was in a round shape. YUM YUM!!!

A closer look to my cakes. They were rich in choco flavour and after it starts to melt inside your mouth, you would taste a bit of saltiness came from the butter. They were even better if you put them into refrigerator overnight.

This one called Peachy Balls prepared by my 3rd sis n her boy. Nice appealing and even nicer in flavour as the sweetness of the peaches mix well with the chicken balls.

This one was prepared and decorated by my 2nd sis. They were some Kacang/peanuts and small cuts of snickers. Just an ordinary snacks with an enchanting appearance. Haha!!!

Took a pic with my 3rd sis and my masterpieces. They were huge! Seriously! And my hands were like shaking due to the starvation. Haha! Same face meh? As my friends always claim that we are like the same mould. Haha!

My 3rd sis's boy named Jackson and my 2nd sis called Karen or Carrot! Haha!

Justards!!! I wasn't sure who brought them here. Anyways, my mom grabbed 5 of them for us.

Wow! I was like WOW! It didn't look like a watermelon! Haha! It looked like a queen with crown. Haha!

A tremendous amount of jelly. Orange and kiwi flavours. Not so nice as they were not chewy! Haha! Sorry for my genuinely honesty!

On that day, there were ranges from chinese cuisine to Italian Cuisine! Domino Pizzas in the house!!! Not the house, it was on the road! Haha! 7 whole pizzas with different flavours were all done within 10 mins! Great!

My dad and his friend called Henry. We called him Uncle Henry and he is a speedy motorcycle rider.

Was taking a pic b4 food hunting. We were all in our Tees! I wore my specs as I was too lazy to put the contact lens into my eyes. Hiak Hiak!

Are they cupcakes? Or eggs? Correct answer is they were eggs with mayonnaise and cherry tomatoes on the top. I still got 2 of them in my refrigerator now. Haha As we couldn't manage to finish every bites.

Wow! WOw! WOw! After the chairman done with his opening speech, my neighbours were like a swarm of bees coming to the food and grabbing them in speed.
I didn't join them as I wanted to book places for my family. Keke "Evil Grins" Clever mind!!!

The pic can tell it all! It tells that the food was delicious as my dad was posing a victory sign and my mom didn't even notice me! Haha!

Justards!!! Yesterday, they were still in my frige. By today there are still 1 and a half.

My dad was so so happy at that night! He kept smiling to the camera with his delicious food.

My 4th sis, 2nd sis and ME!!! Justards were in our hands!

Suddenly, a raindrop fell on my neck and it rained softly. We decided to continue partying in our carpark. Laksa, kuih-muih and Nasi Berani haven't been bite yet!

Me and my dad! I like the blurry of this pic!

I am real good in taking photo now. Haha! Don't you like it? I like this pic!

Daddy and Jackson! Like buddies. Just pretending! hHAha! Oh! I see Laksa there! Slurpppp!

Spitting out our tiny reddish tongues!!! Yep, that was my idea!

We still have lots of different poses but I like this the most coz my daddy was so cute! Looked like my Pinky PONG!!! Haha!

My Pinky Pong wanted to join us so badly!!! YU Yu don't ya cry!!!

At around 10pm, the party was still in the middle but my dad had his bath and dressed up his pajamas and requested me to take his pics! Here is one! By seeing the flowers, it can tell that Chinese New Year is coming soon!!! HAha!

     After the party, we watched a movie in our lovely living room before wandering in our sweet dream. The END.
Happy New Year to y'all!!!

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  1. I wish I am living in your neighbourhood so I can join this party!

  2. Keke! You can do your own party in your neighbourhood too!


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