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Siao Kia Group REUNITED 2013!

by - February 06, 2013

            I'm here to update my blog. It's about a reunited with my BEST BEST BEST group of friends. You know what? It's really hard to find and seek for friends like them. I'm honored to be one of this group! It's so unreal! Keke! A little intro about my Siao Kia Group. We've got 7 members including me. And all of us is from the same high school, Union High School. 
         It was happened on the 23rd January 2013 right after I was back from Taiwan. (Oops I haven't blogged anything related to Taiwan yet, will try my best!) Our long-distance-friend Megan was back in town in the midst of Jan, and so we celebrated a REUNITED immediately! Really missing her back in last year! Keke! This gathering was held at Zi Qiong's bungalow, keke! They decided to have brunch together.
           I drove myself all the way from Batu Maung to there. I was late again for sure, keke! After I set my footsteps at her house, I could smell food!!! They cooked by themselves! Really like pretty housewives busying in their kitchen.
          I'm not good in writing and describing long paragraphs so I would like to put the pics and tell the story! Here you go....^.^
This was the special gift for Wendy from Taiwan! The reason behind this was that she really in loved with this little kid while we were still in Form 1!

Keke Funny souvenir for everyone! They really thought I bought them the real lady tissue! Haha! It was actually the marshmallow in flavor of strawberry which looked like blood! Nice!

Late birthday present for my little Hae B! It was bought in Taiwan! She said it was nice!

Apple juice from Taiwan!

Hotdogs!!! I think they just boiled them coz it didn't taste oily. Nice and healthy!
Traditional omelet! I ate this a lot! Haha!
Salad! Most of them were eaten by me and hae B! They seemed like don't like to eat vege! Haha

Apple cuts by E JOO! Very SWEET! keke

Closer look to this cherry from AUS! Yummy!

Dressing for salad---Tuna!
MMM I'm hungry now!

Hearty waffles by Mummy Megan! I like it so so much! Looks nice, Smells nice and tastes nice too!

Baked bean!
Not ready yet!

Still not ready yet!

Finally all of us and the camera are ready!
The beauty of blur!
Unreleased pic! Such funny facial expression! keke
Zi Qiong likes to do weird facial expression whenever I ask her to smile and look at my camera! BUt still pretty lah! Keke!
Qiong's living room! My favourite shot!
Natural shot!
At the backyard! Such a relaxing place!
Selca by Qiong the professional of selca! Keke!
The Malaysia next top model!!! Like Tyra Banks!!!

Snsd's legs! Jealousy is here! Keke!

6 of them always play important roles in my life!
Her name is Megan. Recently, I called her Mummy Megan for no reason! Keke! White skin, tall and a bit shy! She got a boy! Keke!
She is Zi Qiong. She is good in taking selca and losing weight! She takes good care of all of us! And so, she's like a nanny for me! Keke! Caramel skin, taurus and average tall but still taller than me!

Hae B's here! Actually her real name is Xin Qian! There's a story behind the arise of her nickname. Keke! White skin, skinny, bright smile, small eyes keke She's still single and always available!
Pretty Wendy. Her name is Wan Theng. She is a sweetest spy keke! Always short hair, confident and sociable. And her voice is really ridiculously loud! Keke! Her ex named abu, ali and mohammad! Just kidding!
E Joo or Yi Joo! A nice girl who always helps the needy including me sometimes haha! She likes to watch movie and drama! Very diligent student! Same height with me! Have to remark that she is still a single too!
Beautiful Ha Ji Won, a Korean pop actress! Her real name is Woan Ni but we like to call her Ji Won! Haha! The tallest member in our group! Her outside looks like a quiet lady but actually she can talk a lot and be very funny one! Still a single but not always available as she's working and studying at the same time!
Natural shot again!

Movie time! The wrong turn! NICE!!! I freaking like watching horror movie! Such a weirdo! Keke! Coz by watching horror movies can burn calories!

She talked and discuss about this movie based on logical thinking! Why so serious? Just a movie! Haha!
Big eyes girl! Haha!
Seemed like quite relaxing!
E Joo, were you looking at that boy or watching movie?
Blacky! Very sporty and cute dog!

Megan gave me these from AUS! Like them so much! The soap is my favourite! I smell them every morning! Haha! Like a drug!

Continue next time! BYE! My eyelids are heavy now! Night!

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