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Cutely Doggie Cookies for CNY 2013

by - February 26, 2013

            Yo! Happy belated CNY to everyone!Although it's a bit late! Keke! During the CNY season and after-CNY season, I was really busy like a bee! I have always wanted to update my blog but I just couldn't manage my time to do so. Honestly, I was busying to gambling with my family! And, I earned much PROFITS! Keke *naughty sammy giggles*! I have set my mind, I want to use this temporary income for Ice Cream!
             Let's back to topic! On the day before Chor Yat, that's mean on the 30th, I baked again! Not cake, this time was cookies! I decided to bake it in last minute. I remembered I started to preparing the ingredients at around 3pm. The mixing session was real easy breezy for me but the most critical part was the decoration on the cookies. It took me 3 hours to finish decorating and baking these Doggie Cookies. Plus, my oven was like found in last century one, it could baked in a long period of time and it really killed me waiting in my dining room with the company of mosquitoes...! 
             Firstly, I intended to do two flavors. Fortunately, I didn't. Or else, I think I won't be able to 'goyang kaki' means resting with my family at that night! Reunion dinner! I just baked Horlicks flavor and it tasted really good! Let's have some pics to enjoy!
Just perfectly baked from my nanny oven! Cooling them down... It's always the worst to wait them fully cooling down.

I put them into a tupperware. Everyday, when I opened it and visited them, there must be few of them committed missing in action! MIA! Keke! My family members loved them so so much!

They were like locked in a jail! It was so cute to look at them from outside!

Some of them were like doing a crying face to me! So pitiful!

Watch carefully, they have different facial expressions. I used Kokocrunch as their ears, coco chips as their noses and coco sprinkles as their charismatic eyes! It was so hard to decorate it by using fingers as the ingredients were way too tiny for me! But I was satisfied with the good result!

Inside these Doggie Cookies have another 3 coco chips! It enhances the texture and makes it richer in flavor!
3rd sis and her boyfie with two of my born children! Keke!

2nd sis and 4th sis! The right hand sight one always ate my Doggie Cookies during CNY!

My daddy looked like a kindergarten kid in this pic!
And so does my mum!

I took a selca with my masterpiece aka my child for memory!

After taking selca....Keke! Itadakimasu! Really Oisiiii dessi! Haha Suddenly transform into a Japanese Sammy-chan!

Okay! I'll update the CNY soon! Maybe later! It depends on my mood! Keke! Coz This is my blog! And so I'm the BOSS! Bye see ya! And Good luck!

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  1. So cute! I want to have a bite!!!!!!!
    Was it hard to bake it??

  2. Thanks! Actually it was not hard to bake it as you just need to put it into your oven and let it bake until golden yellowish haha The most difficult part was the moment you make it into little mould and give each of them eyes nose and ears.


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