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Humble Beginning @Straits Quay, Penang.

by - December 27, 2012

        Humble Beginning launched in Penang! Hi again since I just blogged yesterday. Another hot topic in this town recently is the crepe cake. Two of the crepe cake shops are Humble Beginning and Twelve Cups. Nowadays, Penangites crazy about this kind of cake. I don't know whether they know how much calories does one crepe cake own. My sis told me that this crepe cake is possessing more calories than an usual cake. OMG! After noticing about this freaking news, I start to use a different view towards this crepe cake. Haha!
        I had tasted the Humble Beginning when I was still in my primary school. But I kinda forgot the flavor of this cake so I decided to taste it again. It was happened back in more than a month. My 3rd and 4th sis suggested to go to Straits Quay with the reason of sitting inside the Starbucks for completing their assignment and finding some inspirations. Coz, I'm typically a home girl since I don't like hanging out. I prefer watching TV while laying in my couch. My sis started to convince me to have a rest at the outside. Then, ON On!!! I followed them with a bit of regrets. Keke!
        Many of my friends have posted the pics of the Humble Beginning's crepe cake and claimed that the cakes were really mouth-watering. To investigate whether they are right, I had my trial. We bought 2 crepe cakes from Humble Beginning, here's the photos:
They have a pretty box design. I like the colour, Pink!!! And some flower that makes it more contrast. Tiny white dots with a Lomo style! One word, CUTE!!!

Have a sneak peep inside the box, there are Swiss Chocolate and Yoghurt Cheese Crepe Cakes!!!

This is the Yoghurt Cheese Crepe Cake. It taste exactly like the common Yoghurt Cheese cake sold in Secret Recipe. But its texture is very powdery and when it touches your tongue, you will taste an intense flavour of milk and egg. Not bad but for me I still prefer that one served by Secret Recipe. Hehe! "Devil Grins"

This is the Swiss Chocolate Crepe Cake. All I can taste is the sweetness of the chocolate. And the powdery texture makes me stop to have another bite. Really. But there's one secret to make it tastier is to put it into your crisper for a night. After it, you will figure out that it really tastier. Haha! Coz, once the chilling refrigerator firms its texture, it combines all the layers up and will not be powdery again. Good Good!!

Its sexy back! Forgot to mention that the chocolate powder on the top of the crepe cake taste a bit of dark chocolate feel.
To enhance the flavour of the cake even more, I suggest you to order a cup of Starbucks. Not really have to be Starbucks, Ah Huat Bai Ca Fe also can!!! Keke! The coffee can separate the flavours of the cakes and make it more wonderful.

My 3rd sis, Christine. It was actually her Coffee. Haha!

Me n her coffee!!! What a lazy afternoon! Felt good of laying down on the couch in such a nice environment with a orange-yellowish lighting. This is called L.I.F.E!!!

I was acting as a mentor for my sis! Was giving her much inspiration and... ideas....Just kidding! Haha!

One slice of this crepe cake costs RM 9.90. Was quite expensive! Haha! In my case, I won't go there for second time coz it's high in calories and price and it is not worthwhile for me! Haha! Sorry for being too honest!!! Maafkan lah aku!!! 
Humble Beginnings
3A-G-23, Block A, Ground Floor,
Straits Quay, Penang.
+6012 4886196
open daily : 1000 – 2200(business hours may extended to as late as 0300 depending on the crowd)
website (they do delivery too!)

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  1. I think th original French vanilla is the best... I didn't know that the calories is so high until u said - j

  2. Really? Okay, I will give it another chance by ordering an original French Vanilla next time! Haha! Yupe, the high calories amazing me. Better have a work-out session after having it! ^^


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