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Delicious @ Straits Quay (Afternoon Tea)

by - October 07, 2012

                 He He, I'm back! Today, I went to Delicious with my beloved. You know why am I always prefer to hang out with my beloved? Coz I do not share food or drink with others except my family members. I think that sharing saliva is kinda nausea. Alright, let's back to today's topic.
                This was my very first time dining in Delicious. Quite anticipated. There were crowds. But the cakes in the display near the counter were capturing my eyes. They made me struggle in the starvation. After choosing our cakes, we sat down. 
             Due to the big crowd, our orders were served on our table for a long period. Agak 20 minutes. These are the photos.... ...I'll introduce them one by one! Haha!
Yum Yum! This was ordered by my sis. It was like a peach pie. I could taste the peach inside this dessert. But I was allowed to have only one bite! YUYU! It was delicious! The vanilla ice cream was very rich in flavor and very smooth.

A different angle... I am hungry now!

This was the afternoon tea set. Really good-looking! It's worth to have waited for so long!

This was ordered by my sis and her boyfriend. I had one bite of this. Very dense in chocolate flavor. When I cut it, the chocolate syrup streamed out like a Volcanic Eruption! Seriously, I am not cheating one! Haha! For those chocoholics, you guys should really order this dessert!

This were the mini tarts. The filling was duck meat with parsley. The tarts were very crunchy but the filling was a bit salty. And, I could not taste of any duck meat but just the duck skin. So, you guys know what I meant?! Haha!

One of the level of the set. Scones, chocolates, cookies and raw strawberries. I hadn't taste the scones. I ate the chocolate, it was a bit or maybe very bitter for others. When you first put it inside your mouth, the bitterness is gonna appear, but then the sweetness is coming out right after it. It's like our life, bittersweet. Love it! But I prefer the sweetness of life! haha I didn't eat the strawberries but I believe they were same flavor with the what you used to eat since they were raw. Okay, I dislike the cookies coz they were extremely dense in salty! After I tasted a bite of it, I could not have another bite! Coz I felt like my kidney was gonna die sooner! Haha!

Sandwiches, they lived at the ground level! Haha! I didn't taste it but they were really attracting. The filling was salmon, so, I bet they were delicious.

My two beautiful sisters and their Afternoon Tea Sets.
My dessert. Carrot cake. I admitted that I ordered this just because I was intoxicated by the tiny little carrot on it. Haha! It looked so cute!

This was big in size! I felt my tummy was gonna burst after eating half of it. You can see the texture of this cake is really delicate.

Nah! This lah! Made me ordered one! Haha Broken english. This tiny little carrot was made by the icing sugar with a bit taste of almond. It was quite good. Cute too!

The backside of my carrot cake. The cake was very tender including the walnuts. Very moisture. The white cream cheese was very nice and creamy. They both mixed well together. I love it but I hate the size! It was too huge for me!
Me with my lovely carrot cake. It was in the same size with my face.
After having our DELICIOUS, took a pic before leaving. I know I looked stupid in this pic, but I like it very much! Haha!

There has a lot of beautiful places to have nice pics. I am hungry while I look at the cakes in this pic! Arghh!

Say Bye Bye to Delicious and Straits Quay!
                   As a conclusion, I like the environment in Delicious. White with light blue. Feel great and fresh inside this restaurant. And the cakes are really reasonable. Mine was just cost me for RM 13.90 including tax. You can come with your partners to have a wonderful high tea and slow down your pace. Exploring the part of world that you ignored.
3C-G-3 & 3A, Ground Floor Straits Quay (North Quay)
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang
Business Hours:  
Mon-Fri 10.00 am - 12 midnight
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 9.00 am -12 midnight
Tel: 604-899 8555

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