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蚂蚁窝 Sweet Heaven @ Bukit Mertajam

by - September 30, 2012

              蚂蚁窝 Sweet Heaven @ Bukit Mertajam
             Girls like desserts. In Malaysia, girls like cold desserts. I've been living in Penang for a long period. I think all the delicious food in Penang had been tasted by me. So, we went to somewhere across the Penang Bridge last week. My 3rd sis's bf drove us to there. At first, we followed the directions by the PaPaGo. But, it cheated and fooled all of us! Hate it! Haha. Made us lost of direction and shaky in between. 
              After 2 hours of exploring, we decided to call a person to find this shop. Finally, we found it. This is what we called in Cantonese, 有早知就无乞丐!So, I will never ever believe PaPaGo again next time! Actually, we only found out the street but not the Sweet Heaven. Since we were starving so we stepped into the Summer Bakery to buy some breads. When we made our payment, we asked the cashier where exactly the Sweet Heaven is. And she told us this Sweet Heaven was just in the same row. Less complexity, it just located at the next 6 lots of this shop on the left hand side. I knew she thought of us like a Kampung guys so-called 山巴老!Her facial expression told me. Haha! 
              Finally, we set our footsteps in this very hard to find Sweet Heaven. When I first stepped in, I figured that this shop didn't have much decorations. The walls were light blue in colour with pink table and chairs (colours I heart). Few tables and chairs. But, overall was still okay for me. Followed up with ordering their signature desserts. Here are the pics and the comment on each of the desserts... ...^.~!!!
The cover of its menu. I wonder why there is no ant...haha

Not recommended. 仙草(Leong Fan) with 3 toppings including Taro Balls, red bean and peanuts. This dessert is a bit lack of flavor. Its Leong Fan doesn't have aroma and when you have a bite of it, you will find that it's not chewy. The taro balls are not good at all. They are just like a balls which made by baking powder and some colours on it. The red bean is not well-cooked since it's likely to disappear in your mouth just for a second. It lacks of texture. RM 6.50

This is what I ordered, Ant's nest 蚂蚁窝。 I recommend this dessert. This is snow ice with milo powder, concentrated milk syrup, milo balls and chocolate rolls. It is not too sweet, a medium sweetness will spread in your mouth once you have a spoon of it. The snow ice is really snowy and it disappears right after you put inside your mouth. It melted with your warm saliva. It tastes like Milo Gozilla. haha! RM 6.50

This is 花生风 Go Nuts. This is not mine so I just had a bite. It's full of peanut smell. Texture is same with the Ants' nest. So, if you do not like the milo one you can have a try of this. RM 6.50

This is their signature dessert, Eggy Waffle 鸡蛋仔。This is the original flavor served with a vanilla ice cream. When the waitress put this on the cashier table, I could smell the nice smell of egg and butter. The waffle is very crunchy on the outside and sofe and wet in the inside. The Vanilla Ice Cream matched well with this egg waffle. The ice cream is very tough, seems like they have been in the freezer for a long period. This is really really tasty and sensational! LOVE!!! RM 5.50

This is the chocolate flavor of eggy waffle with a Vanilla Ice cream. The texture is same with the original one but the it less of chocolate smell and taste. So I prefer the original one. RM 5.50

This looks like the original one but look carefully you will see there's a bit purple colour inside the eggy waffles. This is YAM Eggy waffles. Texture is still the same but this has sense of yam. But not very strong. So, I really recommend you guys just order the original one. This is called 画蛇添足。RM 5.50.
Me and 4th sis and our Milo Ant's nest!!! High to the MAX!

The person who fetched us and my 3rd sis with their Go Nuts!!!

Do you want some of mine?

Our chocolate eggy waffles. It was so huge for my stomach!
The last photo.... ... Really happy after had this as my dessert!
As a brief conclusion, you guys are recommended to have a sweet tooth at this shop. Just order what I've recommended then I'm sure you will full of brighter smile when you step out this shop! Alright, this is the information of this shop. 
Sweet Heaven 蚂蚁窝
Address: 35, Jalan Perniagaan 1 (Pusat Perniagaan Gemilang), 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
Telephone Number: 05-3063036
Business Hour:

Mon - Thu:1:00 pm-11:00 pm
Fri - Sat:1:00 pm-12:00 am
Sun:1:00 pm-11:00 pm
 Facebook Page:

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