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Movie: I Miss You

by - September 19, 2012

                I have watched this movie. It's a movie produced by Thailand. About a love ghost stories. First and the foremost, I have to say the actress is really beautiful. In my opinion, I suggest all the girls to bring their little boys to the cinema for this horror movie. The reason is this movie can give them a lesson not to have any relationship with other girls if you have a girlfriend. Haha! This is not very terrifying, erm, I give 2.5 stars for scare. And, I like the ending too. The main actor followed the spirit of his girlfriend to anywhere but not in this world. 
             In this century, we have too many of male keep doing things wrongly. If you have a girlfriend, please care for her, keep a long distant with other CHICKs!!! That's all!
GSC gave us a marshmallow and free cups of popcorn. Haha! There was an event of games. Like it!

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