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义成海鲜楼 (Kee Sheng), Tambun.

by - September 25, 2012

           Last week, me and my intimate went to Butterworth. After enjoying our dessert treats at Sweet Heaven, someone suggested to go for a Seafood dinner. Everybody said Yes and so me too. Tambun is a place where full with the seafood restaurants. Some are good but some are bad. We decided to have dinner at our old place. This restaurant is the one we used to eat with our family members since we were just in the aged of 4. It called 义成海鲜楼 (Kee Sheng)! You need to drive yourself to very deeply of the road to Tambun. It hides inside. It actually located at the end of the road. It's very easy to go there.
         Me and my 2nd sis stepped into the restaurant and asked the waiter whether the 'Hao' was available. Haha. This is the main reason we go for the dinner. Luckily, still had the 'Hao'. Suddenly, my stomach was like a thunder so, I went to their washroom. Wow! Very antique. It was a crouch-style toilet. I used about 7 minutes to dispose that THINGS. My legs were not cramp. Haha. But I was not used to it so it was a tough experience for me. It was a hole inside the toilet. Your crap would directly send to the sea. When I stepped out to wash my hands, I found that there were 2 sit-style toilets. What the! 
I couldn't wait for it!!! I was too hungry at that time!
Took a pic with them! Still left many dishes weren't came yet!
It called 'eng chai' in Hokkien. This is great, not too salty. It suits for those who like to eat less salt.

Salted-egg crabs. This is a MUST. They served in many salted-egg yolks. Very savory and the aroma of the egg is mix with the crab flawlessly. When you put the crab inside your mouth, the salted-egg sticks with your tongue. 

The reason we went there. A MUST too! It steamed with the 'Kalabu', sour and spicy flavor. The egg of this 'HAO' is very chewing and you can feel of the sea water in every bite of the egg. If you eat only the egg, you will feel a bit burden of the sea water. But if you eat with the 'Kalabu', YUMMY! The smell of  'Kalabu' floats inside your mouth and then go to your nose. Like it!!!

'Sia Kap' is the name of this fish. Really affordable in the price. The fish meat is really fresh and tender. We ordered the 'Teo Chiew Steamed'. A bit sour bcoz of the Asam. The juice of this dish is extremely tasty. You can just put them on your white rice and you will feel on the cloud-nine.
              After I sat down, they had made their orders. Their service was really fast and efficient. These are some picture of the food.

Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant 義成海鲜楼
860, Bagan Bukit Tambun,
14110 Simpang Ampat, Penang
GPS : N05 16.281  E100 26.595'
(Go straight on the road after traffic light and Batu Kawan Police Station will be on your left)

Business Hour : 11am - 11pm
Tel: 04-588 7220

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