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Bella Marino @ Straits Quay

by - September 19, 2012

              It's been a long time! Haha! Last weekend I went to Bella Marino for lunch with my family. Recently, I've been a night cat, always stick with my TV and feel asleep at around 2 a.m. I woke up at 11.30 at that day by dint of some noise made by my sis. So tired! Then I just simply took a bath. We went there at around 12 o'clock. Went through a long path, finally I got there. But I was like lost child who lost direction of going to Bella Marino. Haha! After 5 mins, I decided to call my sis.
              Bella Marino is in an Italian condition. Major colours in this restaurant are Green and Red( it reminds me the Taylor Swift upcoming album)! We took out seats inside where the door nearby. Due to the fitness plan, I just ordered a glass of Rum Chocolate (RM 11.90). The rest of them ordered a lot of dishes and beverages. But I'll only reveal the name of the dishes which are really delicious and sensational.
                Spaghetti Alla Bella Marino (Rm 29.90), Mutton with smoked tomatoes and Riso ( it's Italian rice cooked with sauce and it's wet) these all are what I recommend!!!
                Okay let's start with what I ordered that day. The rum chocolate was just not remarkable and not rich enough. I could hardly taste the rum. So, it's OUT!!! Their spaghetti was very tasty. Rich in flavor while the olive strong smell would just peep out in your mouth. So so good! They were all served in a great portion and loads of ingredient. The climate of that day was the MUTTON. I have forgotten the name it called but I still remembered its smell and taste. My mum asked for well done for her mutton but what I taste was like just a bit more than medium well. The mutton was very smooth and gentle. When you take your bite of it, the crispy sound will just clear your ear sight. The sauce was so great to mix with the mutton and the smoked tomatoes. But this dishes will be a bit expensive. Well, it's okay for me, I think it's kinda worth to have had it! Life is not long, so, we better eat what we want to eat before tomorrow dies. Haha! That's it for this restaurant.

Okay! This is it! Bye! Back in 2 mins later for another update!

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