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Sushi Zanmai 寿司三味 @ Gurney Paragon, Penang.

by - October 19, 2013

Sushi Zanmai 寿司三味 @ Gurney Paragon, Penang!!! I was like FINALLY! ^.^
        I know I am a bit late or even worse can be considered as outdated. It has been starting its business for months. And I only paid my very first visit to there in Oct 2013. Muahaha! As I was busying of my Degree stuffs and not having any mood to try any new and good restaurant back then. BUT, now I'm BACK! Glad that my old me has finally rebounded back to me. Sounds a bit creepy like I have multiple souls. Haha :/
       During the day of Haji (freaking happy as it was a public holiday), my 3rd sis named Christine suggested to hang out with me and 4th sis namely Gwendolyn for a movie called "The Escape Plan" (one of the best movies I had seen so far throughout this year and I profusely in LOVE with that bad guy.) We bought the movie tickets first then only have our lunch while waiting for the movie to get started.
     Initially, Gwen wanted to have Sushi Sakae for lunch but then we come out with a better idea, Sushi Zanmai! We arrived there at approximately 11.30am and it had a queue infront of it. And we stood there for about 30 mins in waiting to be seated. But it's worthwhile to stand in line! It's yummy and delicious! Let's start the picture-telling session!!! As I am lazy to write a long long like longer than Rapunzel's hair essay! Keke!

What to do while waiting for our food to be served on to our table? No doubt, it always has to be CheeCia (sound of taking pics!) Muahaha! She is Gwen!

Second shot for her! Pretty or not? Muahaha!


This is my 3rd sister, Christine, she is sometime a weirdo or oddball for me. Hehe she's gonna kill me as I defame her reputation!

Selca one! My technique of taking group selca has always been so great! *sorry for my self-assured! Keke! Being confident is a MUST in order to be success!

My friends told me that I always look like I am still being high schooling in photos or whenever I hang out or travelling. But I don't think so leh! Mana ada?! We should have different kind of facial expressions while taking pics one! Or else you'll yourself would definitely feel dull whenever you retrospect your own pics! Haha! My own theory!

Yeah Christ who has the smallest face among us at the front! Her technique of taking group selca not bad too, got potential! Maybe she has got my traits inside of her! Sounds like I am her mother! Keke!

Gwen, why so excited?! Seems like being thrilled!

Me and Christ! People always say we look similar! Ada meh?!

Me and Gwen! She always likes to act ladylike one! Chew~!

You guys must be saying 'Finally got to see the food'! Haha! This is their menu!

This is the DON! I think it was chicken and eggs plus mushroom on top of the rice. I can't tell the name of all dishes we ordered as we had lost our receipt. So sorry! But I still remember the flavor. It was rich in the freshness of the chicken and the broth or sauce was so tasty and appetizing! The remarkable point is the rice at the bottom is in the just nice size which is better than Sakae as they always serve so much rice with little bit of the topping. And the price is reasonable at around RM 10.

Actually this one was hers one! Keke! She liked it so much too! It was like ZOOOOOM and she had already finished it!

Sushi that we'd ordered! Nice decorating on top and the Sashimis hunk on top were so big! And it was at around RM 15! Very worthwhile! The flavors of all of these were so great and tasty!

Her lunch! She is the no.1 fans of Sushi!

I ordered Salad! Okay! The reason behind this was I ate too much in the morning on that day. Bread, instant noodle, oat and Fried Yam dessert! So, I decided to eat lightly for lunch!

I ordered crabmeat, avocado salad! Yupe, that's real crab meat! Haha! And the avocado was so tasty and it tasted like salmon! MMM! And it was so huge in portion!

Another sushi plate! Oyster one!!! OMG! Drooling now!

Fried salmon as the filling with avocado on top! The sushi roll cuts were very big which I had never eaten this big before at Sushi king or sakae! The special mayonnaise was fragrant and they were profuse in giving the mayo!!! 3 of us shared this together!!! YUMMY!
After this, we went to Gurney for our movie and.... ... to be continued next time!!!!! BYE!

Details of Sushi Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon, Penang:
Address: 163D-6-36, 6th floor of Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney 10250, Penang.
Business Hour: 10am to 10pm on everyday! (better avoid going there at lunch hour ya)
Contact Number: 604-218 9300

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  1. Sushi Zanmai looks nice, but it seems a bit expensive. >.<

    How does the taste compare to other Japanese restaurants like this one? :-)

    1. Hello Ho Chiak Penang! Haha! It's expensive but for me it's worthwhile as they serve in a big portion! I've never tried the Japanese restaurant that you mentioned. But I am looking forward to having a try at there! Thanks for letting me know more info about FOOD!


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