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231013: Gwendolyn's birthday celebration

by - October 30, 2013

231013? It's obviously meant to be 23rd of October! 
         Ever since I was young, still a purely naive primary schooler, my 4th sis namely Gwendolyn (today's main actress) started to remind us of her birthday whenever the clock shows 10: 23. Through the repetition of years, I always keep myself update with the time whenever I was in my car at the night! Haha! It sounds kinda like a repetition commercial.
           Gonna make a little intro of her! She is four years elder than me! But she doesn't seem like in her real age! (I bet she's gonna flying into the cloud nine after seeing me saying this!) To be honest, she's literally a very nice sister for me! Because, she is not very talkative so, it's rare to have any controversy in between us! One more thing that I know about her is she is a very very super sociable person. She's got lots of friends! So many activities to do with her own loop of friends! That's what she impresses me as I am a homegirl type! Keke! Plus, she's the one who inspires me to undergo my diet journey and she told me a lot of her diet tips during her high school year! I think it's enough! Keke! 

This is how I stole her pic via FB! Her current FB's profile pic! Was taken in Langkawi during this mid year!

One day before her bd which is 22 of Oct, my 3rd sis led us to play a huge prank on her... TADA! A super cheap sponge cake was introduced and presented to be her bd's cake! To be frank, this is a supernatural reaction, she was driven crazy as no one would be happy to see just a simple sponge cake with few thin pieces of almond on top as their birthday cake, right?! Haha! At that time she was playing her laptop and a tragedy happened....... ... better not to tell you all the details! Or else, you'll see me in the next Halloween! Coz I'll be probably got killed! 

But, actually not bad lah! If you switch off the light and the dim candle light would make the atmosphere to be more romantic! But! I don't want this prank on my next birthday ya~!!!

The day after a BIG prank! She's now an office lady! After her long day of work, we gathered at Queensbay Mall for our dinner in celebration of her birthday! We went to her favourite dining place, SAKAE!

3 of us! Plus, we used the coupon to enjoy a buy one get one free of handroll promotion! And it's unlimited one! Which means you can eat until your tummy is exploded! Keke!

A model shows you her handroll!

You'll get to see most of the pics have this girl inside as she is the main topic today! She likes tempura but it's a high calories food leh! OOPS!

A dinner set! So scrumptious! I like the shell one as the sauce is really tasty and you can toss in your rice and mix it then eat them!!! Was it mussel? I don't know! Got no idea on it! haha

My 2nd sis, Karen! She's a makeup artist! Who needs one can contact her ya! Her FB is Tang Karen!!! She looked like Mickey mouse in this photo right?! I captured it without intentions!

OMG! Someone or a "good sister" stood behind of me!!! I know Halloween is approaching lah! But this year, I think we won't have any ghost party as my sis is going to langkawi!!!

Cheese cake! Her girl-next-table in her office has gifted her this! Nice!

A happy girl!

My gift to her! No lah! Just jkjk! Keke! This is my favourite muffin! It's from Adventist Hospital bought by my sis from Agilent!

What a nice box! This is from Olive bakery!

Her real bd cake!!! This is very delicious! You can taste the rum-alike flavour!

As her face was very tired after working so I asked her to do this expression! Guess what?! Nice right?! My idea!

2nd sis with her!

Daddy and mummy were kissing her cheeks!

3rd sis, Gwen and I! Oops, I should have wore a stripe Tee in order to match with them!

Crazy us!

Me and my pinky were like taking our roles for Romeo and Juliet! But the middle one was... ... Keke!

Making a wish! Was it only 1 wish?! I won't believe! I think she was making more than 1 wish as she took a really long time to make a wish! Until the candle was about to extinguish! Keke! What an exaggeration!

Blowing the little candle!!! May her wish come true!

My pinky PONG was tired of waiting her to finish making a wish and blowing the candle! Keke! CUTE!

          Alright, it's time to say GOODBYE! I'll blog sooner! Hopefully! Keke! Good Luck to everyone!

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