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Rendezvous with my Ex-English teacher and my Ex-English classmate!!!

by - October 05, 2013

        Today, I'll not be commenting or blogging about the food, restaurant or my travelogue. It's about my LIFE! Keke! I really like blogging because I can show my grandchildren what my LIFE been in the past. 
         It's been like more than 3 years since we last met. Time really passes by speedily in secrecy! I can now visualize how am I gonna look like when I'm pregnant! Haha! I am pretty sure that the day is gonna come to me in a few blinks! Well, we'd always planned to hang out but we couldn't make it. SAD! But this time, we'd MADE it! 
         Few days ago, I think it was on Tuesday or Wednesday... OMG! I kinda forgot the exact day! Never mind, it's not a big deal! Take it easy girl! It's not a sign of aging, I hope so!!! I was the VIP on that day as Ms. Selly said I acted like a VIP as I was late. So sorry! I wasn't intending to be late one! I swear! Haha! But being late is kinda like my style!
        We'd talked a lot since 3 of us are always been the chatterboxes! A load of topics was discussed on that day and the highlighted of the day was .... ... MARRIAGE! What an interesting topic to discuss! You know what?! After hearing Ms. Selly's experience made me got a bit of stunned and fear to step into the stage of marriage! But, that mindset just appeared for a while, after like a few minutes, I forgot that fear and horror and started to think when only can I get married! Haha! A typical fast-changing girl! Okay! Deeper stories on that day are not gonna be told by me coz... I am lazy now, I just wanna slouch in my couch and watch SINISTER! I'm ready to be scared! ^.~! Here's some pics we took after a fantastic women's talk! Haha!
Ms. Selly and one of my soulmate Ms. ViVien!

Selca! What a messy table done by Ms Selly! Keke!


Sorry for the no-makeup face! YOYOYO! Be a nature beauty once in a while! OH! Spot Ms. Selly's princess at the back!

Yeppi! Really grateful to Ms. Selly for teaching me English and dragging me from a Zero-English to a higher level!

Everytime I meet up this girl, I sure won't get bored one since she is a talkative chatterbox while I'm a quiet girl! :/ A bit guilty though! Muahaha! Alright, end of my journal! BYE!

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