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Miam Miam @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

by - September 29, 2013

Miam Miam is located in Gurney Paragon, Penang and it is a French-Japanese Cafe & Kitchen!
       Yesterday was Saturday, I was hanging out with my college mates. Actually, our group has 5 members but just 3 of us could make it on yesterday. We had arrived there too early and had to wait for 45 mins until Miam Miam starting their business. We thought that its business hour would be started at 11pm. Haha! They only open at sharply 12 o'clock. Come, come! Let's start our pictures-telling session!  

French Lobster Bisque Pasta--RM29.80. This dish is luscious but not too creamy and thick in the flavor of broth. One of the remarkable points of this MIAM MIAM is they provide the extra plates for us to share the food! GOOD! 

As you can see, on top of this pasta has 3 of the shrimp with a bit of cheese!!! The reason I like this is because their Spaghetti is well-cooked! It's springy rather than those like powdery which have been overcooked! And the broth is filled with freshness of the sea! Haha! I mean I can taste the flavor of Lobster although we could not find a big chunk of lobster meat. But I still like it!

Her name is Vicky Chan and she is quite talkative! Uhh! Not quite is too talkative! Muahaha! I bet that after she read this, she's gonna kill me! Haha! Anyways, a pretty girl indeed!

Famous French Toast--RM16.80  WOWOWO! Me and Vicky liked this dish like crazy! Up on top of these little cuts of French Toast is their homemade signature and unique whipped cream! First, my mind narrated oh whipped cream, it's a nay for me as I thought it would be similar to those we can get in the supermarket, that kind of whipped cream filled in the box or bottle. BUT I was totally wrong! It won't immediately disappear in your mouth but its texture is a bit similar to ice cream! hAHA! It's very special and unique and I LIKE it!!! This is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world! Sounds exaggerating right?! After you take a try, you will know! Keke! Beside the cutie pot is a tiny jug of maple syrup. Oh gosh! It goes so perfectly with this French Toast! Alright! The main character is the French Toast, it is fluffy and bit watery inside with intense of egg aroma! I'll definitely order this again on my next visit to there!

Me with my favourite dish of the day!

Matcha Souffle--RM16.80  I admit that this was my very first time digging in Souffle! Two of my sisters had tried this before and both of them got distinct states of mind! One is +ve and another one is -ve! Who to trust?!!! I only trust my own pinkish tongue! Keke! My friends didn't like it but I think I like it! Haha! Its texture is decadently light and airy like eating a cloud! All of us vied for the upper layer of this souffle as it's crunchy and sweet! They did not indulge with it may be they do not like eggs! Haha! I am an EGG-kiddo!I eat atleast one egg per day! Thus, I really enjoy the rich flavor of the eggy souffle! I think the one who bake this appealing souffle has a rich technique of beating the egg while not over-beating it! I almost ate this souffle all by myself as they stopped until sending the 1st spoon of souffle into their picky mouth! Hiak Hiak! Additionally, I think this is very good for women who are on diet but craving for sweet tooth since it's airy hence you will maintain your weight! For me, today I weighed lighter than yesterday! Hiak Hiak!

He is Julius Tan, another talkative one just like Vic! He has a great sense in tasting too!


Selca of the day!!! Hey now only I realised that my selca technique for 3 ppl not bad too! Self-assured!

My very first bite of souffle in my life! See! It's creamy and taste like sponge! Not sponge bob ya~!

Me and Vic!

Freaking like their ambience! It feels like having our lunch at Bora Bora seaside!

Our receipt! Many people think that it's not worthwhile to pay a visit to Miam Miam as they say that it's too expensive and the portion is small! But I think it's worth for me with no regrets! The portion is good as it suits those who want to diet! Haha! Actually, for me the dessert is big or I can say it's huge!
As a conclusion, I recommend you guys to have a try to there! Live your life to the fullest! You should eat something special and a bit pricy once in a while to reward yourself in order to work harder after finishing the savory! BYEBYE! See you guys next round! Good LUCK!
 Details of MIAM MIAM: 
Address: 163C-1-01/02, St Jo's, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Business Hour: 12pm to 10pm EVERYDAY!
Facebook: Miam Miam Penang
Phone: 04-226 7818 Have U been there yet?? Sushi Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon

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  1. Nice food review!

    Ho Chiak

  2. Pretty girl!!! Look like Korean + Taiwanese!!! <3

    1. TQ! Erm... I think I look like Japanese! Haha Just kidding!


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