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Journalist came to my house!

by - December 26, 2012

        It was all happened on the last Saturday evening. Journalist from Kwang Hua Yit Poh came to my house for a reason. The reason was to interview my dad. Was my dad gonna be an actor or singer? Haha No way! Too funny for that! It was because my dad has been donating to many events including the "Hao Ren Hao Shi" which was a part of the Kwang Hua Yit Poh. He said he had started donating ever since he was in his late 30s. Wow, dad, you made me proud of you! Haha!
        I stood aside while the interviewing was begun. The journalist asked tons of questions and wrote down whatever my dad told her. They then took pictures and had a little unrelated chatting. But the underlying point was my dad said he wanted to help those in need. He always didn't mention his own name as he wanted nobody to have noticed about who was that saint. 
In the midst of interviewing. My dad was telling his own story and memories he reminisced.

The journalist took pics of my dad and his receipts of donation.

My tea table was filled with the receipts of donation.

I was so excited at that time!

The heaping receipts of donation.

A shake hand pose after the interview.
As a conclusion, everyone is encouraged to do something good in one's life. Love Life!!! Today is the day after the X'mas, later will go to have a movie, probably "The Life of Pi". After today, baking mood is on again as the next event is marked in this coming Saturday. The neighbourhood year end Party!!! BB!!!

"The stakes are high, the water's rough but this love is ours." ^.^!!!

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