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1023 ==> 4th sis Gwendolyn's B'day

by - November 05, 2012

           Alright, I know that I have such a long time didn't blog any topic. Now, here's the topic I'm gonna blog about. It's all about my 4th sis's namely Gwendolyn's birthday. I'm not gonna emphasize her year of birth here, or else, she's gonna take my soul out of my body! Haha! Give you a little clue, she's older than me for few years. Haha! That's it! Enough! Let's start!
            I still remembered it was on Tuesday in date of 23th October. I decided to make her Sushi in celebration of her birthday. So, I woke up earlier and went to Jusco for grocery. My 3rd and 4th sis accompanied me as they didn't have any important activities in the morning. I was like walking around all the areas in Jusco in order to seek my ingredients. I bought a trolley of things like Japanese rice, Teppanyaki chicken, ice-cream and some of my favourite junk food. All of those added together cost me almost RM100. OMG! Couldn't believe that I had the potential to be a shopaholic in term of grocery or housewife. I arrived there at 10.45a.m. and went back home after 12pm. I felt exhausted. After that, I drived my 4th sis to college and waited her for around 2 hours. Back in home at 5pm. Started doing my preparation for sushi rolls. All ingredients were done well. I started to roll my Sushi. And I finished it in 5 hours. My back was very pain. Keke! Like a Grandma! Following are the pics of that day.
When I was making my huge Sushi Rolls! I had no idea why were they so huge like a big cobra! haha

Let's get the party started! We celebrated it in our lovely country style living room! Haha Bcoz my idol is Taylor Swift! We've got a plate of fruit, LohBah, Chicken Fingers not the real one, my Sammy-made Sushi rolls and Spaghetti in flavor of Seafood tomatoes sauce with cheese. Drooling? And so do I!

The Spaghetti made by my 2nd sis, she's an expert in doing this kind of complex recipe! Haha! Here got cheesy hotdog and some cheese powder on it. Looked nice, smelled nice and of course the most important was it tasted really delicious!

This is Loh Bak! We bought it from market. It's typically a kind of food from HokChiew. It's wrapped with mix meat with some other secret ingredients that I don't know. Then make it like a Sushi roll then fried it. Nice!

This is the Chicken Fingers from a brand. Our Tang family like it all the time! Simply but taste extremely mouth-watering.

Fruit plate including pitaya and kiwi prepared by 3rd sis! Looked colouful and fresh!

This is the eggy waffle from the shop that I've blogged last month. Sweet Heaven's significant dessert. Bought by 3rd sis's bf, Jackson! Taste good coz we've put it in oven for 15mins and it was so crunchy!
My proudly masterpiece of the day! Sushi Rolls with Tuna mayonnaise, cucumber, carrot, crab meat and cheese on the top! I received much compliments on that day which made me flied to the cloud nine!

Focus on the Sushi rolls. Gwen was busy with calling our eldest sis to come as soon as a rocket!
We couldn't wait! So, we had to start our bites on the warmest food on the planet with the kids' plastic forks!

2nd sis was presenting her Spaghetti to Gwen!

3rd sis was passing her fruit plate to the party girl!

Jackson did it as well! Eggy waffles!

I was the most pitiful one coz I finished it using nearly 5 hours! But by seeing every one smiling faces, it made my night! haha!

Her birthday cake bought from Jenny's cake house in the Pulau Tikus which near the market. I had given some of my ideas in designing this graceful cake!

5 pieces of flower! Haha! Counted from the left: my eldest sis, 2nd sis, 4th, 3rd one and me! Posed like Miss World!
Was peeping with my 3rd sis! We wanted to have a sweet tooth so badly!

Me with her cake! I want a cake which better than this on my next coming B'day! Haha!

I wanted to cry coz I was really in pain and sick! Haha! Like collapsed in!

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