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China House Penang

by - November 07, 2012

              China House in Penang! Hello guys, welcome to my blog again! Nowadays, Penang is considered as one of the most treasure heritage places in Malaysia. China House is one of the famous heritage restaurant and cafe in this town. So, today I'm gonna blog about China House! 
             China House is a restaurant which serves a modern western food and other food and drinks. It is also a gallery or theater for artistic people. I'm gonna talk about the food and drinks instead of the art, gallery and theater parts. 
            Actually, I had been staring at this restaurant every time I passed by since Semester 3. I was curious of what this shop was. Coz its signboard is grey in colour and the design doesn't really look like a normal restaurant. Haha! To find out the answer, I started to search for this shop and went for a try. 
              I went to there in few months ago, so these pictures below are captured for quite a long time. Alright, let check it out! (Coz my memory card is limited so I forgot the names of the food but I still remember their taste!)
From the left, me, my 4th sis namely Gwen and my 3rd sis called Christine! We took a crazy selca on car but why was Christine acting normal? I had no idea on it! Keke!!!

This cake was extremely sweet for me. On the top of this cake, there were some mix fruits. And the cake was taste like a normal one coz the fruit on the top made my tongue couldn't taste the flavor of the cake!

This had a really special flavor. Maybe it was the fruit, I think it was the passion fruit. I like this but same as the above one, the cake was like a normal one. Nothing special for the cake.

I remembered that I liked the top cream of this cake. It was really creamy and rich in flavor. But, the cake on the bottom part was just so so for me. No offend!

I think this was the Tiramisu! Haha! It was their famous dessert. They said that they can sell out 5 whole tiramisu in every Sunday. But this was the best dessert in this restaurant. SO, I recommend you guys to just order this. So that you guys won't waste your money on those not so good desserts. This cake had a massive sense of wine and the cream and the cake were mix well together! You should have a try!!!

This was in chocolate flavor apparently. I still remembered that I just craved for the topping, chocolate cream! Haha! Very moisture for the topping cream.

My drink of that day. I think it was cappucino. If i'm not mistaken! Haha! This was good. I suggest you guys to order one coffee to just clear your taste buds so that you can taste every single cake clearly. I love the drawing on my drink. A simply love shape would make my day!

After eating our dessert, we had a photo-shooting session. The dimmed light made a feel of LOMO so called old school style.

Sorry Christine, my little victory hand sign blocked your pretty face off! Haha! The background were so pretty in its own old school way!

This was their decoration in the dining room at the back. Bookshelves against the wall and a tiny tree. It made it kinda LOMO surrounding.

After you dining, you should go to the back of this CHina House. If you see the toilet on your left hand side, straight to step forward and you will see this scene. It's a good place for photo-shooting. This was captured by me!

I found a unique door so I decided to have a pic as memorial.
              To close this topic, I think I need to actually speak the truth about this restaurant. The cakes are too dry for me personally and so do my sisters. They are like too dry until hurt my taste buds. A little bit of exaggeration. But I think you better go for Secret Recipe. In additional, the cakes are really not affordable and are very expensive. 5 of us ordered 5 pieces of cakes cost us more than RM80! We were angry at that time! The expensiveness was one of the reasons that made us angry. Other standing point was the service was so so bad! The waiters and waitress were bad in attitude. They always showed a black face or impatient face. Maybe they think they are too famous so no need to focus on customer service. I don't like it! A warm remind, you better call them for reservation if you want to have a dinner at there coz they are too famous as I said before so there will be not enough place to fill you. In my opinion, I think eating is one of the best things ever, but I don't think that I will enjoy eating in a place like China House which bad in Service. I'd rather go for Light House! I hope that they can really improve themselves. 

Address:153 & 155, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, Penang.
The other entrance: 183B, Lebuh Victoria, Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04-2637299
Business hours: 10.00am – 12am (daily)
GPS Location: N 5 24.902     E 100 20.339

              So, see you next time. Will be uploading very soon!

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