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Yogurt Cheese cake @ Secret Recipe---My 3rd sis CHRISTINE's birthday celebration on the Chu Yi of CNY 2013

by - May 12, 2013

       She is so lucky this year coz her birthday was marked on the same day of CNY! I knew that it took too long for me to update this topic since FEB. Never mind, at least it still in the year of 2013! Stop writing a long introduction! Let's look at those memorable pics!
Nah! This was her birthday cake from Secret Recipe. My whole family likes yogurt cheese cake very much. When you put it into your mouth, it can be split into 3 sessions: 1) you will first taste a sour flavor from the upper raspberry filling, it is quite refreshing and acts like an appetizer! I do not need it coz my appetite is always functional! Keke! 2) you will then taste the milk flavor comes from the middle layer, the homemade yogurt. It can help our intestine to be pushing out unwanted disposable, I mean "poo"! Keke! 3) lastly, you will taste a rich cheese flavor with sweetness which come together and embrace your tongue! They work well together! MMM! Yum! I wanna have a bite now! Plus, it is low in calories since it made with yogurt! Nice! It cost RM 82 for the whole cake! I think this is kinda worthwhile since Secret Recipe is a renowned branded shop! Most importantly, this taste amazing! YAYA! Trust me!

Jackson and Christine!

Chris and Karen, a make-up artist!

Gwendolyn who is my 4th sis and Chris! They look alike huh? Aren't they?!

Chris and ME! I love my bun on my head! It was like the hair of Cinderella! Thanks our make-up artist Karen!

Daddy and mummy and a couple of lovebirds! Smile happily together!

My dad was like scanning the yogurt cheese and 3 others were talking non-stop! I was the camera girl!

I think this was very artistic and it should be in the photo competition! Haha! My dad was yawning like a pubby, exactly the same as my Pinky Pong! And my sis was being caught off guard!

This was very artistic too by me! I think I should change my major to photography! Keke!

Beautiful! This yogurt cheese is the best for birthday celebration. You know why?! Coz it is good in appearance which is in reddish and it is very clean and clear the colour and everything! Plus, RED is a good signal for Chinese! Tips: To prevent your candle melt down onto your lovely cake, you can put it into the refrigerator first!

My day was again peeping at the yogurt cheese cake while everyone singing the birthday song for Chris!

Haha! One word EPIC! This happened when both of them ordered me to take pic of them and I was reluctant to do so! Keke! Evil me!

Again and again showing this can't-wait-to-eat face! Haha!

Making 3 wishes then blowing the only one candle! I wish her wishes can be able to come true!

You see! How warming?! They put these decorations of flowers and leaves on our ordered cake! It enhanced the image! It was actually sugary and it taste not bad lah for children! Keke!

The last photo! Bye everyone! Good luck!

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