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D Fahrenheit Yogurt @ Penang

by - May 16, 2013

             D Fahrenheit Yogurt can be considered as a newly launched restaurant. It is set nearby the Penang Bowl. But its fame seems to be not growing up as other restaurant such as Twelve Cups. (I said so as all the people I know seem to be not knowing where it is and its existence but they know Twelve Cups even Goh Kaki, maybe my friends loop is not that big enough lah haha!!!) After I paid a visit to there, I found out the reason why... I'll be blogging it with my deepest honesty. (if you don't like it then just don't read my post or if you don't believe me then just go and have a try) Okay let's get started! I went there with my family in the early of 2013 so it was been such a long time! Hahaha! Coz I'm a busy girl! We bought coupon from living social I think so we got a half price of discount! 
My mommy and daddy were so hungry at that time! So cute!

Nah! This was what set below the table which near to our legsssss! Creepy?! For me not, I think it is unique but for my sisters, they think it's a bit terrifying! Keke!

Here's the ambiance of this D Fahrenheit Yogurt. It's like bringing me back to 50s of old American style! Marilyn monroe! Honestly, I like its interior design due to the uniqueness style and the lighting effect, GREAT!

Okay, these were served to us firstly. They were yogurt cheese and another one was wine yogurt I think.

This was so-called yogurt cheese and as a girl, I like to eat strawberry. Hence, I grabbed the strawberry on top of these two desserts and immediately stuffed inside my puffy mouth! Keke! But it was surprising!!! It was out of my expectation coz it was being freeze so its texture was like a pop ice without any flavor! And I could not taste any flavor of cheese maybe a bit. So, you know what you are going to do when you pay your visit there right? 

Okay! Sorry for admitting that I've forgotten the name of this dessert! But it was not that nice! The price is quite expensive to me which is RM10++. In my case, I don't think this is worthwhile. *Sorry ya dear owner as this is really my personal opinion!

This was their yogurt ice cream with only 1 topping. Its price was not that reasonable too TO ME. MAYBE(which means just Maybe, just my guess OK?!) the rental which they have to pay every month makes the prices higher. Sorry for my honesty!

BUt this taste better than yogurt cheese. A bit easy to melt down. I still prefer to eat the yogurt ice cream since I think it was more worthwhile TO ME! This worthwhile is not in term of the weight serving but is the FLAVOR! I really don't mind to eat a very expensive small portion ice cream as long as it tastes nice!

The Tauke Sor claimed that this was the best kissing noodle from HK. We ordered one for a try. I did not try it at all. But my sis said it was nice and she didn't taste anything like this before. Dear owner of D Fahrenheit, this was a compliment!)
Our favourite, cheese fondue! But the cheese was not that thick and flavor! Just nice.

Forgot to show you guys the noodle. It was like Tang Hun! Keke!

The ingredients for us to soak in the cheese fondue! Overall of these ingredients I like it.

My pretty 3rd sis who is a hungry girl! Keke!

Cute and cool daddy Paul!

Main Course of the day. My dad ate it up because he was too HUNGRY at that time! I did not have the opportunity to get a try. But my dad said he was not that into this dish which means he finished it just bcoz he didn't want to waste it and of course the HUNGER made him do so. KEKE! That's it! *so there's no more contradicting content, right? Anything you want me to explain just comment at down below ya, I'll explain to you!

As a conclusion, we won't go there for the second time. I think they really need to improve their food and to make it more unique and tastier! This is just my state of mind, and I'm just being honest in blogging about food as I really don't want to lie to others, TQ! Sorry ya dear owner of this shop, I really did not mean to defame you but just to spit out my honest mind~! TQ! And many of my friends been there, they also have the same opinion as me. I love its environment but not for their food. So, that's it for today! Bye! Talk to you guys soon! Good Luck!

Address: 38/7 Farquhar Street, Ground Floor (below Penang Bowl), 11200, Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hour: Mon - Sun: 11:30 - 22:00

Google Map:

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  1. Yaya I also don't like this shop! It's not tasty at all to me!

    1. No Lah! I didn't say I don't like. I like the environment and interior design of this shop but I am not so into their food and yogurt ice cream... haha Thanks for commenting anyways!


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