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March Updates!

by - March 28, 2015

March Updates!
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Photo taken in one year ago!
Hello! I know I'd been missing again on my blog. I just... I'm not very good at multitasking honestly. Too nerve-wracking! Maybe I'll be more active on blog once I start working where there has no dissertations. Perhaps... Embracing the greatest possibility of hopes towards the life coming. OK, this month basically is still very packed for me. At the beginning of March I was busying hanging out with my friends. In the mid, I started doing my Uni stuffs and I even skipped exercising and work-out for ages. Today was the day of restarting my healthy routine after like more than 3 weeks. I feel so so good and rejuvenated after the work-out. I sacrifice my leisure time which basically I used to meet up with friends atleast once a week to no leisure day anymore but sitting on my current spot and doing the same thing as typing but with a totally different subject. Yet, just now I catch-up with my buddies for a few hours. I like talking to friends you know, coz, I'm a mulut-murai person ever since I was in the kindergarten. Hehe!

As for those who emailed me for requesting the diet and travel blog posts, so sorry, I'll try to update sooner. Hope so. No pinky promise ya! Muahaha! 

I wanna recommend some good stuffs for you guys. These are all my favourite of the month!

1. Mistresses I super in love with this drama! I skipped the Season 1 as I just follow what my StarWorld gives me. The storyline is so good and amazing like you can't expect it to be ended up like that way. Jjang!!! Here's a cast from S.Korea too! So, double Jjang! Support Asian! 
2. Dance Mom
I super duper love to watch this! I mean really!!! However, I skipped the Season 1 and 2. Currently, I watch the Season 3 where my Chloe was still casted! The teacher, Abby is always having some epic moments with the kids and especially the dance moms! Haha! All I can say is, when there are more than 1 girl, war erupts! 
My favourite girl! Chloe Lukasiak! She's so beautiful especially wearing the stage makeup and donning the dresses!

3. 棟篤神探
 Sorry mom and dad! I re-watch it again! I can't stop myself for being silly and watch it for more than 3 times I swear! All of these perfect casts make me laugh almost everyday recently as the Astro 314 is airing it. OMG! I like all the conversations among the lead roles! OMG! I like them so much! Muahaha! Yep, I watch 'tian yan' as well recently. Yesterday was the last episode. It's good but still can't beat the old HK dramas!

4. Cinderella Movie 2015
Before that, I refused my sis to accompany her to watch this. I related it to the previous not-so-nice 'Into the Woods'. I expected it to be very dull, boring not bewitching. However, it ended up so awfully good! At least better than the previous one where Whitney Houston was the Fairy God Mother! Haha! Compendiously, I think they should seek for another girl to take this role. I mean like Taylor Swift is not bad what! Haha! I watched the Demonic as well but I think it was wasting my time and money! Not scary at all! But the 3 boys beside me were being thrilled until utilizing their jackets to cover their heads wholly haha! That's interesting!

Alright, I need to go for my supper! BYE!

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