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A day out with SOULmates \\ Soul Cafe + Penang Amazing World Studio

by - March 04, 2015

A day out with my SOULmates from Siao Kia Group to Soul Cafe and the newly launched but half-emptied Penang Amazing World Studio. Haha! This outing was kinda impromptu so I just went all natural without makeup and contact lens. Just let the pictures talk!

All photos below are taken by handphones. Low quality, who cares?! Haha!
While we were in the museum with nobody else... ...
Just for your information, I'd been to Soul cafe before, click here! Their Spaghetti really blew me away to cloud nine!
 Spaghetti Aglio Olio (RM 12.90)
Megan said that this is much nicer than Coffee On the Table. I like it too but I felt regretful of not adding on some proteins like Salmon haha! We were discussing whether to add on bacon or salmon on our own, however, due to the loudness of our angelic voices, that waiter asked us proactively whether we wanna add on anything extra to this spaghetti! Haha! Kinda awkward but everytime going out with them, all of us would return to the youthful stage where we tend to talk loudly and act way too naturally. Back to the dish, I think I prefer the normal spaghetti to the angel hair.
Pretty Megan with her favourite of the day. FOTD

Linguine al Vongole Pesto (RM 18.90)
I have this on my first visit but at that time, this dish didn't come with the clams. Overall, the quality was being kept. Good! Nonetheless, not everyone enjoys the strong flavor of PESTO!
HaeB is currently back to her Aussie life! Fighting for your studies ya!

 Spaghetti Smoked Duck Carbonara (RM 16.90)
I love this the most! This is by far the best carbonara I've ever eaten! Milky taste yet not to thick and greasy. I'm always not a Carbonara person, but this changed my mind.
Ejoo who tells me right when it is left! Hhaha!

 Croque Madame (RM 15)
Came with a salad. But it seemed like without dressing on it. The egg on top is runny, bacon is fragrant yet the bread or toast (I don't know what it is, a carbohydrate) is a bit dry. Just normal.
Okay, I promise to makeup next time haha!

Affogato (RM 10)
I'm not the coffee expert so I cannot give any impressive comments with depth. I just like it. HaeB who is now a half Aussie lady claimed that this was considered at A level.
Polaroid for HaeB as a goodbye gift!

After that, we went to the museum without any initial plan. We didn't even know what was the name. We parked at the quite far parking space and walked in the piping hot sun. By flashing back, I feel dizzy. Now they have promotion so each of us just need to pay RM 10 with 2 free tickets for next visit. It located next to Made In Penang Interactive Museum 美因槟廊. We got to watch the 3D roller coaster video which turned me into the world of dizziness. Still in progress, so there was void of wall-arts... ...I still prefer the MIPIM as the wall-arts there are more decent.
Like bumped into the Superman.

 Upside down.

 I found that this was funner!

 Hawaii Lady Ejoo!

 Impromptu photoshooting! HaeB your double chin!

 Oh no! They married again. Check here to see their past wedding pics!

Everyone is KUNGFU Fighting! But I'm more like doing yoga!

After that me and Ejoo went to Meg's house. All we did was eating, gossiping, reminiscing the UNION life and looking at Meg's childhood photos! Meg was so pretty in her past but now is even prettier with ladylike personality! I wish my childhood was good too but I was fat so it ruined my childhood haha! Okay! Until here, I need to take a serious long hibernation! BYE!

Details of the Soul Cafe
Address: 12, Jalan Kek Chuan, 10400 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04-226 8200 // 016-478 8598
Business Hour: Mon to Sat 11am to 11pm (closed on SUN, why?) haha
Facebook: Soul Cafe

Details of Penang Amazing World Studio
 Address: Next to MIPIM
Tel: 04-262 1992
FB: penang amazing world studios

Invitation Blog Post
Recently (AUG '15), I received an invitation blog post (not quite an invitation as I do not go there and take photos but they just send me the photos below). These photos will help you to have a better picture in this museum! *Profoundly sorry that I do not really have time to write for a new post pertaining to this matter so I just add them into this blogpost. Hope you do not mind!
I think if you are a foreigner, this is a MUST to take pic with our handsome Chief Minister of Penang. Although, it's not the real person but it's cute though!

I really how they actually came across this idea of putting all these Hot-Air Ballons (don't know the exact name of it as long as you get what I meant haha!) which directs 'DREAM' this word to occur to me.

More cute and kawaii stand board for you!

This is really a place for you (especially not those Penangites) to visit in order to understand our Penang history and everything in a fun and amazing way.

So here's the cute version of MAP to direct you to this museum. I think it's quite easy to recognise as I always see a lot of tourists traipsing by and tour buses stopped by.

So BYE! Wishing you have fun in your visit to this PENANG AMAZING WORLD STUDIO!!!

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