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A HEAVENLY birthday surprise \\ Heaven Gate Penang

by - March 13, 2015

A HEAVENLY birthday surprise for Megan at Heaven Gate Penang on the last Saturday. Sorry for taking decades to upload these photos as I was fighting with my assignment of the last semester! Cheer for me!!! Happy Belated 22nd birthday lady MEG!
 Instagram:  wonderqueen_
Story was, Meg messaged all of us to have lunch at Heaven Gate 2 days before her birthday. I wasn't in the mood to head to the lunch actually as it was kinda a last minute invitation (only one week before the date is okay for me to mull over). And on Friday Ejoo asked me whether could make it at the late night to throw a surprise pre-birthday party for Meg. I'm sorry Meg, if you are reading this! Coz 11.30pm is freaking late for me and pretty perilous for me to drive from South to East (I suppose). And for this heavenly birthday surprise, Ejoo and I supposed to deceive you 1 hour before the lunch to call you that we suddenly couldn't make it. Yet, the initial plan failed after you called her to arrive first (ended up I was the first to arrive! haha!). Then, I waited until 11.30am something and told you I 'maybe' could not make it.

My plan was I'd be the last one to arrive and surprise you but ended up I was the one who got freaked out when I learnt that I was their first customer and they told me the reservation was at 1pm! And I waited for you guys alone from 12.45pm til... ... But I felt delighted as I saw you were startled when you entered from the corner! [Mission completed] You even simply steered your car with extra 4 lives on-board after heard the BAD news from me, fortunately, everybody is safe!
Let the pictures tell you what I did on this lonely moment!

 FYI readers, if you add on RM35 to your main dish, you'll get a set of complimentary food including soup, appetizer and dessert. For me, I don't suggest you add on coz nothing special for this just will rivet away your $$$! Haha!
 And the lighting is relatively dim which drags down the photos quality.

 Ejoo came to my waiting rescue!

 I was like, eyyy already 1.30pm... .. and finally you guys are here!

 Both of them are new in my blog so, I'll introduce to you!

 Evelyn Tan, we always talk about KPOP during our high school time (we still talk about it though).

 Jowyn, a pretty lady with natural look! And seemed like holding on cellphone 36 hours! Haha!

 Lady MEG! I hope you like the present!
 While waiting for my very freaking killing late late lunch on 2pm! Paparazzi Joo was on duty! Trust me, I'd got a lot of this kind of candid shots (mostly blurred) on my camera. And this could be considered the great one.

 Me giving a talk show that time?

 LIM sisters

Finally the food arrived!!!
 The bread was just normal. You need to dip in the soup and make it tastier. I didn't eat the beautiful flowery butter at the side as it was a bad trans-fat. #trytobehealthier

 Wild Mushroom Soup (RM 16.90)
I'm not a soup person so I can't really comment on this. It was delicious for me, rich, creamy. And the scallop tortellini was great too but I still prefer the chinese YuanBao (especially made by my 3rd sis) haha.

 Carlifornia Chicken and Corn Chowder (RM 16.90)
Meg ordered this. It was special for me (first time having chowder). But this was a calories boom sis!

Here you go, a series of candid shots by MEG.

Pan-seared Diver Scallops (RM 17.90)
The portion was small. Salad has no dressing (or too little until I couldn't taste it). The scallops were fresh and tender. #notsoworthyfortheprice

 Smoked Salmon Garden Salad (RM 17.90)

Main dishes
 Smoked Duck Breast Carbonara (RM 28.90)
Ejoo heard of positive word-of-mouth and so we ordered this. This was not under my expectation in an ominous way. You can still try it though as everyone has different tongue and palate. But for me, the spaghetti was not cooked til al dente. Overcooked. The sauce was not intoxicating. My favourite carbonara is the one at SOUL Cafe! 

 Meg's cod fish? I'm not sure about the exact name and price of this dish.

 Look different but behave in the similar way haha
 The technique of having a V-shape face.

 Chicken with sauce?? Sorry I had forgotten the name and price. This was just a normal dish.

Although the food here is just ok ok, but their service is good! Their waiters and waitress were so nice to us and even singing bday song for MEG! They even adjusted the light brighter just for us taking photos! Thank you!
Childhood Oreo Cheesecake
The cake was just ok for me. A bit weird for the tiny cup of milk. Tessa ended up drinking it for stronger bone structure or maybe a few more cm taller than MEG! haha!

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Our favourite, especially Jowyn!
The tiny cup on the left was the Classic Italian Tiramisu. Void of espresso. Ejoo claimed she could make a better one. Hey joo you should bake me one someday!
Heaven Gate? Maybe for once.

Details of Heaven Gate Penang
Address: 1, Lebuh King, Georgetown, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang
Tel: 012-488 5979
Operation hour: Daily from 12pm to 12am (not so sure) 

Instagram:  wonderqueen_
Preview of upcoming series of photos! (Maybe next week? IDK)

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