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[Review] 开斋节啦~Ramadhan Buffet @ Taste Cafe & Spoon, G Hotel, Penang.

by - June 13, 2016

{[Review] 开斋节啦~Ramadhan Buffet @ Taste Cafe & Spoon, G Hotel, Penang.} 哈咯!一年一度的开斋节又来咯~有木有觉得时间走的有点快呀?好像刚刚才华人新年,现在就斋戒月咯!就代表很快的各位乡亲们又要“老”,不是,是“长大”一岁咯!“我不想,我不想,不想长大。。。”,随本宫一同哼SHE的歌呗~好啦,言归正题,早前收到了邀约,刚好没过期(本宫很少去查邮件哈哈),就接受了此次的邀约咯~真的没后悔去哦,因为不仅仅因为食物,最重要的是认识了好多友人哦!他们都很活泼!哈哈!Halo! Hari Raya is coming! Do you feel that the time is going way too swiftly? It seems like yesterday was CNY and now it's puasa aka fasting period! It implies that we are getting older, NOPE, better to say growing elder! haha! Let's sing SHE's hit song 'don't wanna grow up'~ Okay back to the topic, weeks ago, I received the invitation from G Hotel, it's still valid (I rarely to check my blog's email haha), so I accepted this invitation. Actually, I was being prodded by my sis to accept this haha! But I'll be regretful if I reject this as the food is nice and I also encountered lots of people! They are quite energetic and talkative ahaha!
先让各位看看👀一些本宫所拿的美食!Let you have a peep of what I ate on that day!
I got sick lately, remember to drink more water ya! Although I'm sick, but I still can eat, I don't ban myself from FOOD~ A chinese cliche tells 'poison can cure poisonous sickness sometime' haha!

   请按以下影片。。。Please click in the video below..

I'm profoundly sorry about being late, I did not expect to have had squeezed in the congestion at Batu Maung area. Okay, don't say that I did not warn  you, if you are starving now, please please go and get a piece of biscuit and continue reading my blog. Or else you'll curse me haha!
Once I set my feet there, I immediately got luridly this, hence my first shot was dedicated for it! This is the carving stations where you get all kinds of meats! This is the slow roasting lamb, luckily my 3rd sis Christine doesn't see this, or else, she's gonna pester over how cute they are to be eaten. Haha! The lamb slices are soft and Q (the vein is quite chewy but tender) at the same time. Textures are good, the remark is the reddish spicy sauce in that bowl. Smells good and the spiciness is acceptable.

YESSH! This is so-called fusion, innovative cuisine. You get that rich satay flavour at one bite together with that sourish but sweet pineapple kinda taste. The cheese is being topped with in an abundance amount. The crust is not that crispy though.

Right now, what you see is a variety of Malay cuisine! Isn't it too much for our tummies?

Due to too much of dishes, I just captured this, you guys should be faster and get your own buffet ticket and see it lively and vividly! Haha!

This station is prone to be the appetiser side, including: salad, bacon slices, smoked salmon, scallops etc. We've got 2 types of salad, Malay style and western style. I tasted the sweet and sour mangosteen kelabu, it tastes good as an appetiser. Besides, there's a lot of items like olive for you to devour.

Seafood is so fresh, does not carry that unwanted fishy smell.

My sis's fav, she took a lot of this. I didn't taste it as I kinda be immunised from this bacon stuffs haha, plus I have to reserve some space for our girls' all time FAV---dessertssssssssss!

This station includes Malay's one of the signature---Rojak! With lots of fruits, and some-people-don't-like-it kinda cheese haha! Cheese is really popular in the western countries, but it really smells 'hiam'! haha! A bit busuk haha My sis innovated another way to devour the cheese, to stir it with salad. It blends all of the flavour together and it won't be that hiam.

YAYA, girls' second stomach is for....

当本宫拍到一半时,被公关叫出去拍他们的特色-印尼🇮🇩引进的lava stone烧烤站~Lava Stone所烤出来的有啥特别呢?特别之处在于这种方式能锁住🔒食物本身的鲜味和营养。火焰🔥也不会过大,不会烤焦其食物而影响了食物的口感与味道。
I was snapping the desserts, but the PRs asked me to capture their outdoor BBQ area --- Penang's first ever Lava Stone BBQ grill from Indonesia~ Why is it so special? It's because, this cooking way locks the natural flavour, moisture and nutrition of the food. It won't be flare-ups which causes charring as well.

OKOK drag you guys back to the girls' paradise~!
噢买咔!这个真的吃了会噢买咔!上天堂👼!真的太美味了!初次见面时还以为,哎耶,一定是只有奶油味而已,因为白白的,毫不起眼呀!本宫是第一个☝️切这粒蛋糕🎂的,完全是因为被它的名字给吸引-Durian Mousse 榴莲慕思,有够特别吧?!先禀报各位乡亲们,本宫是不吃榴莲的,也不至于讨厌,就不会想吃咯。但是当本宫切了一小片回到座位时,把第一口👄放进嘴里是,顿时觉得上了天堂👼!真的太好吃了!口感犹如棉花糖般轻柔。顺滑口感又带有榴莲的果肉。真的很好吃!而且本宫也影响了身边的部落客们,他们个个也去试吃,结果也被迷惑了!当晚最最最满意的就是这个了~访问了厨师,才套出原来他们应用了榴莲上上品-猫山王和D-24,啊怪不得会那么美味咯!
OMG! This is really OMG! I went to heaven! Really YUMMY! At the first site, I was like Aiyer it must be carrying the cream flavour only, coz it's white and not really tempting! I was the first to cut this! I was being intoxicated by the name tag written ---Durian Mousse, it's special right? Just to let you know, I don't eat durian, it's not that I hate it though, just don't want to eat it. But after I cut a small slice and carried it back to my seat, I felt like floating to the paradise after my first bite of this! TOO YUMMY! The texture is like a soft and airy candy floss. Soft in textures but you can still have a few bite of the real raw durian flesh. I'm not being exaggerating! The bloggers nearby me were all being influenced and all of them went to try this and been bewitched at the end! This is my FAV of that night! That chef told us it's made with the branded durian - Mao Shan Wang and D-24, no wonder it's tasty!

Moreover, we've still got a lot of desserts!

One of the chef who is "imported" from Indonesia haha!

YESH~ Chocolate fountain, I think it's better with the name of chocolate hot spring haha! The chocolate is not over sweet.

Definitely could not be devoid of the Malay dessert line! But I still prefer the WESTERN one deke that durian one~~~haha

Children's favourite - marshmallow. I can't help but feel relieved and happy after seeing this haha

This is nice as well, with blueberry flavour!

Coz it's too much, I could not try it all. But I tasted the chocolate one at the last row. It tastes like chocolate ice cream, I felt overly sweetened, maybe because of the overdose desserts!
FOODIE life~ 'As a human being, after eaten, we have to pay! Later I better get my butts off and run 10 rounds to burn my fats!'. but I always do not do it. haha...

This was my first plate, the smoked salmon is really delicious as it's not too salty like those from the other cafes. Plus, it's really fresh~

2nd sis's, OMG isn't it too much?!

My sis ordered this, looks good! But taste like Sprite haha! I thought it's something taste like coconut.

其实这是本宫第2✌️盘甜点哦!还有忘了介绍,他们的面包布丁🍞+🍮也是非常美味哦!上层有催催的焦糖杏仁片,下层的布丁这是非常滑润呀!不会太死甜哦!Actually, this was my 2nd plate of dessert! Forgot to mention that their bread pudding is really yummy too! Crispy caramelised almond shreds on top and soft pudding at the bottom! Not over sweet!

本宫向对面的部落客借来拍的马来西亚拉茶!Teh Tarik~我们还问他为何不要自己拉拉看,因为滴在地上的话,不用自己抹地哈哈!
I borrowed it from the other blogger haha! Malaysia's Teh Tarik~ We asked him why not tarik by yourself haha coz if you failed it, you don't have to mop the floor! Haha!

This was my 2nd piece of Durian Mousse!

I saw people taking this so I also....

I ate it too! Haha! Banana Bo Bo Cha Cha! Although the ingredients is not as many as the Chinese style, but it tastes good!

除了这一些,你们还可以吃的有:Bubur Lombok Telur Masin (用咸蛋熬煮的粥,蛮好吃的,还真的是第一次吃到), 现煮的Roti John, Yam&Pisang Goreng, Assam Laksa等等哦~
Besides these,  you can also find Bubur Lombok telur Masin ( cooked by using the salty egg with the porridge, quite nice, my first time trying this), you may also watch the chefs whip up the Roti John, Yam & Pisang Goring, Assam Laksa etc~

在此多谢 G Hotel的邀约!
Profoundly grateful for the invitation!

两位大厨~2 of the CHEFS!

OK! These are the people that I met! They said that you need to strike the pose and make the right facial expression at the 3rd count, it'll be more natural.

Ya, it's more natural but sometimes it get blurred as well haha!

G Hotel近期也有姐妹👭分行哦,叫G Hotel Kelawai, 也在附近而已。两边也有开斋节主题的自由餐哦!
G Hotel has a sister branch as well named G Hotel Kelawai, it's nearby as well. Two of the branches offer the Ramadhan themed buffet as well! 
Alright! See you guys soon!

Details of G Hotel Gurney:
Address: 168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-238 0000

Sister branch - G Hotel Kelawai
Address: 2 Persiaran Maktab, 10250 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-2199 0000

Ramadhan Fiesta @ Taste Cafe & Spoon
Duration: 6 June - 5 July 2016
Time: 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Price: RM115 nett / Sun to Thu
RM150nett / Fri and Sat

Hari Raya BBQ buffet Dinner @ Taste Cafe
Duration: 6 & 7 July 2016
Time: 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Price: RM150 nett

Ramadhan Meeting Package
-Minimum of 10 persons
-Valid from 6 June to 6 July 2016
-One buffet lunch (can be exchanged to buffet dinner voucher, valid until 31 July 2016)

Half-Day Meeting Package from RM105 per pax
-Maximum 4 hours of usage for the conference room
-One coffee/tea break with 3 variety of snacks

Full-Day Meeting Package from RM128 per pax
-Maximum 8 hours of usage for the conference room
-Two coffee/tea break with 3 variety of snacks

*Ramadhan Meeting Package includes free Wi-Fi internet and also complimentary fitness session, head and shoulder massage and usage of Nintendo Wii. This allows participants to have a break after sessions of meetings.

Private Buffet Dinner for Buka Puasa from RM75 per pax
-Minimum of 30 persons
-Valid from 6 June to 6 July 2016
-Buffet dinner with free flow air bandung
-Usage of surau, selected individual pack dates
-Special venue for big group prayers
-Pipe in music

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