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槟城也有泰式秘密花园?Penang Thai Delicacies - Tree Monkey @ Batu Ferringhi

by - June 01, 2016

{槟城也有泰式秘密花园?Penang Thai Delicacies - Tree Monkey @ Batu Ferringhi} 哈咯!好久不见咯!哈哈!因为本宫家的网速超不给力的,所以才会那么久没更新呀!这次想分享的是N个月前所发生的事咯~现在伊雯的宝贝儿都出世咯!哈哈!好啦!事不宜迟,马上进入话题呗!Hello! It's been a long time! Haha! Due to my internet's tortoise-like speed, I didn't manage to update much lately. I'm gonna share out the moment which was happened from N months ago! Cathe's baby boy has even come out from her tummy! Haha! Okay! Let's straight to the point!
除了头两张,剩下的都是本宫以前的相机拍的~Except the first 2 pics, the rest was taken by using my previous fav (camera).
让你们看看👀我们点了些啥~A sneak peep of what we ordered on that day!

想看我们那天所拍的影片的话,请点击呗~但小心,有杂音和自high姐哦~哈哈!Only if you wanna watch the vlog taken on that day, you may click in~ Yet, beware of the high frequency voices and self-syiok sis haha!

好啦,又是阿婆说故事的时候啦~还记得那一天,本宫驾车,咱们就在车上商讨去何处用午膳。本来是想要去乔治市的cafe的,但是本宫忽然心血来潮要到这尝尝泰国🇹🇭菜!咱们全都没去过,所以本宫就鼓起勇气驾车上Batu Ferringhi峇都丁宜咯!非常的惊险,因为这事本宫的处女秀,而且那山坡真不是盖的斜又弯!而且本宫隔壁又有个大喇叭(菀庭),弄的本宫更紧张因为有杂音哈哈!刚好有个位子给本宫泊车,然后下了车,走错走到去人家按摩的地方哈哈,幸好有那个店员指导我们。然后,本宫就带着超饿的身心爬那个有点斜的坡~哈哈,无所谓,就当作是烧卡路里咯!
Alright, it's time for me to tell you my granny story~ Retrospect to it, I drove on that day, we discussed about where to have our lunch on-board. Initially, we thought of going to georgetown area to visit the cafe, but I abruptly wanted to try this thai delicacies out! All of us hadn't try it before, hence, I held my fearlessness to drive all the way uphill the Batu Ferringhi. It was quite scary and perilous as this was my very first time, plus the hill-road is so slanting and crooked! Moreover, I'd got one huge loudspeaker (Wendy) beside me, her high frequency and high volume voice got my nerves! Haha! Fortunately, there was one empty lot at the roadside, we walked to the wrong direction to the massage shop after we got down the car. Luckily, the people there were really nice that they guided us  to the right place. I brought my starving soul walked way uphill the slanting slope~Haha! It's okay, think positively, we can burn extra calories right?

以下就是一部分的餐单。咱们叫的是情侣套餐,浪漫吧!份量大到~幸好有菀庭呀!便不便宜,本宫就不多评论啦,因为本宫觉得只要是与对的人享用,全都无所谓~而且这里的风景真的非常棒棒哒!Below is some pages of their menu. We ordered the romatic couple set! Portion is  elephantine~ Fortunately, it was with Wendy the MPPP (in a good way as to her high-quota stomach). I won't comment about the price, coz I think as long as it's with the people I like, it'd make my days~ The remarkable one is of course the scenery here is AWESOME!

大概花了将近15分钟的时间,咱们才点好餐。We spent up to 15 mins only managed to finish ordering.
吴菀庭拍本宫的‘不经意照’。Shot by Wendy - candid shot~

终于上菜啦!FINALLY! It's time to eat!
这个套餐有两盘的饭。本宫与伊雯公司一盘,因为菀庭她有的是‘无底洞’!没啥特别,就是个三角形的白饭。This set provides two plates of white rice. I shared one with Cathe coz you know la~ Wendy has the bottomless stomach keke! It's not special, just the pyramid-esque steamed rice.

Kang Kung Belacan 
本宫真的不晓得华语叫啥,好像是峇拉煎空心菜吧!老实说本宫觉得他的菜有点儿硬哦。I really don't know how to call this vege in Chinese. To be real honest, the texture is a bit hard.

Thai Appetizer 泰式开胃菜 - Spring Roll, Pandan Chicken, Thai Fish Cake & Lemongrass Skewer)
班蓝叶鸡🐔还蛮好吃的。Pandan leaf chicken, I like it.

柠檬🍋草的还蛮特别的。外面脆脆的。但是没有啥惊艳。Lemon grass fritter is quite special. Crunchy but it's not that remarkable.

本宫觉得炸薄饼还可以再特别一点。I think the ingredients for this pohpiah should've been more extraordinary.

泰式鱼饼,呃,怎么说呢,只能说本宫比较喜欢韩式鱼饼哈哈~Thai fish cake, errr, how to say this? I only can say I prefer Korean fish cake haha~

就是不给你们看👀里头有啥!哈哈!😏~Don't wanna let you guys have a look at the inside! Haha!

Crispy Seabass with Herbs 
It's not that greasy, the main point here is you'll get that heavy aftertaste odour throughout your mouth! Haha! Coz the sauce is mainly made from garlic, quite fragrant but I still prefer the steam fish or that kind of sweet and sour fried fish. Haha! By following the majority's voice, we ordered this. Don't be scared of the chilis on top, coz I don't think it's as spicy as it looks to be.

Tomyum Seafood Soup in Clay Pot 东炎公~
Alright, let you guys have a look law~ Talking about Thailand, how could it be without Tomyum? There's quite a lot of the ingredients. Soup is fresh, not spicy but sour. It'd be great if you eat it with rice.

手机📱吃先~Smart phones eat first~
然后就是拍照时间~Then is the photoshooting time~
This candid shot was taken when I taught the waiter how to use my camera.
哎呀后面有photobomb! There's a photobomb at the back!

一边抚摸宝贝,一边拍照~Pretty busy huh?

有得吃就开心!She's happy as long as she got the food!

多谢伊雯送的小镜子~照料特美~哈哈!Thanks Cathe for this little mirror~ I look prettier by looking at the reflection of this mirror haha!

吃饱后,自拍时间到~其实是在等咱们的甜品啦~After meal, selfie time~ Actually I was waiting for our dessert to be served~
漂亮妈咪!Pretty mummy!

搞怪照~这样的胎教,好吗?哈哈!Crazy pic~ Is it good to do this during pregnancy? Haha!

甜点驾到!Ice Waterchestnut in Coconut Milk 马蹄甜点。有椰奶哦!解暑解暑~It's dessert time! With coconut milk! Let's relieve the summer-heat!

Details  of Tree Monkey
Address: Tropical Spice Garden, Lone Crag Villa, Lot 595 Mukim 2, Jalan Teluk Bahang 11100, Penang.
Business Hour: 9.30am til 10.30pm (everyday but last call at 9.30pm)
Tel: 604-881 3493/4
Website: Official website

好啦!食物文已结束,接下来的就是少女专辑咯~不好艺术~哈哈!Ok, foodporn is ended here, below is gonna be all of our pics~ You have to excuse me~ Haha!
大马的美妈Kim Kardashian~ Malaysia version of pretty mama Kim Kardashian~

咱们是吃货!几时又要出来觅食呀?We're foodies~ When will be our next food hunting?

I profoundly think that the food here is just at the borderline of the par, but the presentation is decent. The scenery is the main point! Having meal there is like going to the secret garden, pretty relieving, closer to the environment~ Okay, let's call it an 'update'! Haha! BYE!

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