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又吃辣?南洋泰餐小厨 Eastern Wishes Nanyang & Thai Restaurant @ I-Avenue

by - July 28, 2016

{又吃辣?南洋泰餐小厨 Eastern Wishes Nanyang & Thai Restaurant @ I-Avenue} 各位别来无恙吧?小女又回宫了~哈哈!今天的文章其实是关于已经有一段日子的那一天了~那个时候本宫才刚刚当上了小资女叻~然后午餐的时候就与这班爱吃东炎的人们去了这家泰式料理。本宫从来不曾听闻过它的存在。那一次是头一次,发觉食物还蛮好吃的。但是,近期却在脸书的群组里看到了一些负面的评论,说食物里有小蟑螂(好像是在红豆冰还是Chendol里的)。然后他们向店家回应了,但是服务态度却很差。也不能多加评论,毕竟本宫不是当事人嘛。那你们就自己去探讨呗~Alayanyan没来,因为她好像是有东西要赶给蓉么么的。How'yall doing? I'm back! Haha! Today is all about a BIG throwback to last year~ That time when I first got my job to be a full time bread winner. Had lunch with this swarm of tomyum-lovers at this restaurant. I'd never heard it before. I thought the food was quite nice during my first try. But, I saw some negative reviews from a foodie group on FB stating that they served food with cockroaches (if not mistaken, it was in the bowl of Chendol). Then, they showed their feedback to the owner and received unkind services. I could not say or even judge on them as well as on this issue coz I'm not the person who encountered this. You guys should ferret it out by yourselves. Alayanyan was missing here as she has something to rush for that evil one (previous lady boss) haha!
本宫,香香公主,凯文姐姐(还没露出真面目的时候),一冰姐(还是阿姨?!哈哈!) 与莎代表(当时还长发飘飘)~哈哈!
Me, Kwek, Kelvin sis (that time when he still yet to unveil his real side), Iping sis (or better known as aunty?! Haha) and our representative, Alasasa (when she was still having her long hair)~ Haha!

Below is what we ordered... But unfortunately, I only remember that the price is reasonable but not the exact price tag of each item~
This is why we were there! TOMYUM! I think it's like choking spicy, but not too spicy. It's SYIOK-kind-of spicy!

这就普普咯!This is so so!

This is what butter fried chicken or what~ (seriously forgot its name) But overall, it smells good and goes well with rice~

Alright! Until here! BYE!

Details of 南洋泰餐小厨 Eastern Wishes Nanyang & Thai Restaurant
Address: 1-1-49, I-Avenue, Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Business Hour: 10.30am-2.30pm
(Closed on MON)
Tel: 04-6410191

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