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吃了会紧张的鸡🐔? \\ Korean BBQ Chicken @ Elite Avenue, Penang.

by - July 24, 2016

{吃了会紧张的鸡🐔? \\ Korean BBQ Chicken @ Elite Avenue, Penang.} 最近就蛮忙的。。。所以。。。现在才放这些照片~哈哈!好像是一个多月前的事情吧~还记得那天是星期一,Sharene工休,所以咱们就一同用午膳啦~原本也有约Vicky的,但是她的工作岗位离我的太远了,所以就。。。太想念她了~哈哈!好啦,就咱们俩去了Elite Avenue又不懂要吃啥,所以就吃回了这一家~上一次的文章:CLICK HERE! 本宫是超级想念它的辣辣炸鸡的,但是它竟敢给本宫换了菜单?!而且换了代言人吗?!请继续看下去~Quite busy lately...thus...I'm now only updating this series of pics~ Haha! It's been almost more than one month before~ Still remember that it was on Monday where Sharene didn't have to work, so we decided to have a quick lunch~ Originally, we dated Vicky as well but her workplace is really far far away from mine, so...Miss her so so much~ Haha! Alright, back to topic, we went to Elite Avenue with a hollow plan, so we chose this again. For my last visit to this eatery: CLICK HERE! I super miss their Hot Hot Chicken, but how dare they changed my lunch menu? Also changed my ambassador?! Please keep reading it~
虾米?换了本宫的餐单又不给本宫看👀下美女-Miss A's 秀智?原本上次的午餐优惠餐单有辣辣炸鸡的,但是这一次没有了!“世界末日那一天~”,只好唱动力火车的歌了!所以咱们就点了别样咯~但是只有在星期一至五,中午 12点到下午3点才有得享用此促销。
What?! They not only changed my menu, they also changed the pic as I don't see Suzy on it! Last time it still has the Hot Hot Spicy Chicken but no more for now! It's like a doomsday! So, we do not have any alternative but to order the others~ Take note: this lunch promotion is only applicable on weekdays from 12pm til 3pm. Plus, you have to dine in.

Kimchi Chicken Quesadillas with Garden Salad/Fries [RM17.50++]
I think Sharene was the one who wanted to try this, it's quite special as it's the fusion of Korean and Italian~ Seriously, I think it's quite small in portion haha! It carries the tangy Kimchi smell but with the Mozzarella as well! The wrap is crunchy, thinned, low in calories perhaps?! (Please bear with me, I always need a lot of self-talk). French fries is just normal french fries, but it's not greasy. However, I feel like the chicken chunks are prone to be a bit fake~ Overall, the taste is quite nice!

 Gangjeong Chicken 4pcs[RM17.90]
OK,假如你问我啥是Gangjeong, 本宫只能联想到---紧张(广东话)。其实,在韩国🇰🇷他们都叫‘닭강정’ - Dak-gang-jeongDak是鸡🐔,gang-jeong是他们传统的甜食或是一种糖。这次觉得它的饭怎么好像有点儿变白了?哈哈。鸡肉肉质鲜嫩,酱料也蛮美味的。但是本宫还是比较爱❤️那个辣辣鸡🐔啦!
OK, if you ask me what is Gangjeong, I'd only relate to the Cantonese words which means nervous. Actually, Koreans call it as 닭강정 - Dak-gang-jeong in which Dak is chicken, gang-jeong is one of their traditional confectionary. Don't you think that their rice is prone to be whiter? Haha. The chicken is tender, sauce is yummy as well. But I still prefer the Hot Hot Spicy Chicken lah wey!

Thanks for fetching me~
Sorry, it's a bit too bright! OK, I need to take a good nap first~ BYE~

Details of Korean BBQ Chicken:
Address: 1-1-22, Elite Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.
Business Hour: Everyday from 10am to 10pm
Tel: 04-611 6312
Facebook Page: Korean BBQ Facebook

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