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Healthy Breakfast? \\ The Daily Dose Cafe @ Lorong Stewart, Georgetown, Penang.

by - July 17, 2016

{Healthy Breakfast? \\ The Daily Dose Cafe @ Lorong Stewart, Georgetown, Penang.} Hey yo~ I'm back! Like finally! Bear with me as this time, I'm not gonna blog in bilingual due to devoid of time. Lately, I'd received quite a number of invitations which means that a lot of pending posts. Opps! On the other hand, I'd also rejected a lot of invitations coz how on this earth am I gonna handle so many things at the same time?! A sad case is I'm having a permanent job, I'm same with most of you~ Haha! But as long as I still have the energy of youth, here you go, an energetic and forever-21 me. Hiak Hiak! Let's jump back to the topic!
A group photo with my ex-colleagues aka Alazizi Family~ Haha! Don't ask me what is Alazizi coz the answer will make you LOL! 7 of us just went to travel to Hatyai last month. I'm waiting for the footages as mostly we used Byeon Tae Kel's awe-inspiring camera!
By just observing the title, you'd be definitely relating to Big Breakfast. But we did not order this on that day. This event was happened like months ago. I think probably in April? Ooh Boy, it's on 19 March 2016. Only realized it'd been so long ago after checking my phone. So sorry for the late posting! So, we went to this cafe which was suggested by me. I saw a lot of ppl went there and this cafe seems like it halted its business for awhile and resumed back in this year. And my 3rd sis claimed that it serves pretty yummy food. Hence, I just used my tongue slick to persuade them to be on the same boat as mine.

‘姐就是文清~’ Alright, this pic was directed and captured by me~ :)
‘姐就是斯文~’ Yeah, by me as well~

Ok, paparazzi Soon in the action!

Paparazzi Tang in the action~ Oh, this cafe does not have that kind of print-out menu, you have to walk nearby the counter to see the menu written on the wall like them.

Alayanyan and Byeon Tae Kel brought their other halves along~ But this pic is being photoboomed by one's hand.

You see! This is how byeon tae he would go. To the extreme side!!! He likes to kacau Iping! Haha! And why did you wear the pajamas pant?

Alright, let's drool over the foodporn!
I can't really recall back what this meal is. Perhaps, the Rice Wine Ginger Pork (RM17). If you go between 12pm-3pm, you'll get to enjoy the set meal with 1 ice lemon tea at RM 20. I did not try any of this but I heard from my fellows that it's quite good. This basically shows that this cafe is kinda fusion from western to the oriental!

Cheese Omelet (RM12)
It looks quite good right?! With the cheese oozing out in the last pic. But trust me, this is really 'healthy'! Coz me and Iping who ordered the same thing thought that this is way too bland. It tastes really homemade, like how my 4th sis would've cooked. But on a positive note, it means that they don't use much seasoning with their food which I believe so.

Pesto Pasta (RM18)
Alasasa Soon ordered this. One epic moment was when she asked for the soy sauce or something seasonings from the waiter. She commented it way too bland as well. Still remember the waiter walked towards us again to ask if anything wrong with their food and Alasasa said that just good coz it's really subjective when it comes to food. Personal taste. Like me, I'm ok with humdrum meals coz I'm not picky. But I'm still clear to determine which one is yummy and which one is bad! This is also categorized in the set lunch menu.

Alright, food comment is ended. Now, it's photo time!
睡佛顯靈了!Sleeping god is here!

這叫佛光!This is the light of GOD! We call it HOOT in Hokkien!

Selfie with Alasasa and she said that her eyes become so BIG!

Oh! Is that double-chin? Hope that she won't kill me bcoz of this haha!

3 flowers at the back! BOJIO!

This cafe is not fully air-conditioned. So, the half alfresco areas are quite sweltering.
The hidden spotlight here is Alayanyan, she seems like what happened? Kinda lost haha

Details of The Daily Dose Cafe
Address: 36, Stewart Lane, 10200 Georgetown, Penang. (just a few blocks away from The Alley).
Tel: 04-251 9168
Business Hour: Everyday - 9am til 10pm

After having our late lunch, we went to the LaserTag @ 1st Avenue. Maybe I shall continue it next time! BYE! Happy Sunday~

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