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90后媽媽與寶貝Berlin | Young Mama

by - August 01, 2016

{90后媽媽與寶貝Berlin | Young Mama} 嘿嘿~對呀,今天又有照片與各位分享咯!但是很傷心的是,本宮不是今天的主角。沒有啦,開玩笑的啦哈哈!這真的是一件很有紀念性的事件,因爲伊雯是我認識的小小朋友圈子中,第一個生下孩子的人。很開心她可以順利生産,也開始了人生的第二個階段。比咱們捷足先登了!哈哈!還記得那一天好像是她坐月子的最後一天也。雖説她還蠻介意自己沒得扮美美拍照,但是本宮還是決定給她這個小驚喜唄!Hey Hey~ Yupe, today I have another series of photos to share with you guys! On a sad note, I'm not the heroine for this post. I'm just kidding! Haha! This is really memorable coz Catherine is the first one in my small loop of friends who've made it to pregnancy. Am happy for her success in delivery and in beginning of her 2nd part of lifetime (which means like marry and having children). Aiya, she stole the first place in achieving this! haha! Still remember that day was her last day of confinement. Although she was quite cared of her own natural no-makeup appearance in photos, but I still wanna give her this little excitement!

This vlog was taken on that day, a lot of my subscribers were totally freaked out by the title, they even messaged me haha! Quite hilarious~ Let's view the pics then~
He has a pretty high nose bridge~
Even has a double-chin! haha!

My 2nd sis was especially excited as it's been ages since she last cuddled a baby~ Haha! We were being taken care of by my 1st and 2nd sis in the past.

90后媽媽~ 90s-born mama~

Little happy feet~

嘟嘟嘴~ Pout~

This is to inform you guys that Chinese Lunar 7th month aka ghost festival is HERE~ Haha! Don't look at the back~

Okie, let's call it an end~ Ern, while I was cuddling Berlin, a sudden emotional stirring arises. In retrospect, daddy, mommy, 1st and 2nd sis are so mighty. They lavished all of their love and care on 3 of us. OK stop being so emotional and sentimental~ See you next time! Remember to say 'I LOVE YOU!' to your family members. Plus, it doesn't cost you a buck~ I LOVE you guys as well as I can't even imagine how on earth will ppl seriously look at my little blog haha~

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