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金牛女就是不愛改變 // Taurus doesn't like changes

by - August 02, 2016

金牛女就是不愛改變 // Taurus doesn't like changes

Yaya! I'm a Taurus! But many people think that my personality is different from a typical Taurus from several aspects. In actuality, I think I'm so Taurus when it comes to money $$$! This is not the hinge on today. Today is all about CHANGES. Imma a bit sad on today as I moved home... Not the real home! Actually, it's the company's cubicle. Haha! Previously, I sat with my BESTIE, Peepah, but now, we both have to chase after different directions! She went to another department~ I also moved to another cubicle. Actually, my new neighbors are all so nice and friendly but it's my sickness of being Taurus. Everytime if there's a change, I always have to use a long period of time to adapt to it. Don't know why. Even if I go travelling with my whole family, I'll eventually be homesick and cry. Maybe it's me missing my own bed haha!

Previously when I sat with Peepah, we talked a lot (although she always sings 'we don't talk anymore' haha), discuss about the hittest K-drama like the recent one W!!! Now, we only get the chance to talk while having lunch together. Are you feeling like this as well, Tauruses?! OK. Stop nagging now! BYE~

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