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高級云吞面之家 // High Class Wantan Mee House @ Pulau Tikus, Penang.

by - August 23, 2016

{高級云吞面之家 // High Class Wantan Mee House @ Pulau Tikus, Penang.} 各位喜木喜歡吃云吞面呀?我其實沒啥中意于云吞面,因爲以前時常吃到‘有味道’的云吞面。那種是很難解釋的味道,有的面會有好像藥水的味道或老人常說的‘基水味’,有的呢則是云吞的肉餡有味道。其實,要找一碗好的云吞面真的很難。今天要介紹給大家的呢就是陳家的最愛。還記得以前每每我上完健身房,老二一定會在路上買一包她的云吞面回家吃的。那時因爲剛運動完,想要吃健康點,所以一直都忍著不吃。終于有機會嘗試啦~ Do you like to eat Wantan Noodle? To be real honest, I don't really like it as I tried a lot of bad ones in the past. Those which carried an uninviting odour. The odour is quite hard to explain as some tasted like medicine or the old ones would rather call it as 'Ki Zhui Bee' in Hokkien, some carried a bad fishy scent in their wanton or dumplings. A bowl of nice Wanton Mee is really hard to find, even harder to find your Mr. Right! Today, I'm gonna introduce you our Tang family's FAV. My sis used to buy it on our way back home after my weekly gym session. I'd never tried it before as I wanted to eat clean right after burning calories. Finally, here we go~

As you can see, we ordered 2 bowls. Ah! Forgot to explain why the heck I say that it's the 'High Class Wantan Mee'. Due to its pricing, the cheapest is RM5. I often hear ppl saying that it's the most expensive Wantan Mee. On the market, mostly Wanton Mee costs around RM3 right? Coz it's considered as low-cost, plus you don't have to spend time on the broth like Hokkien Mee. However, the review later will help you to understand why I would rather pay more for a better one. Forgot to mention, this shop is coincidentally owned by one of my sis's student's family. Haha! But I just truly want to share this, not for any advertorial.

Hot pepper - this is an essential element for this Wantan Mee! Their sambal is quite nice, salty but smells good. However, the traditional pickled green chili wins it all! 

云吞面(Small - Soup)RM5
Small Wantan Mee contains 3 dumplings. Let's begin with the soup base, it's freshly good without the scent of seasoning. The noodle is bouncy and most importantly, it does not have the bad Wantan Mee smell. As for the Wantan/dumpling, you will eventually know that it's made from the fresh ingredients after you consumed it. I think it contains shrimps, I forgot d haha! Pork lard...crunchy and fatty haha!

乾撈云吞面加滷汁 (Big)RM7
This bowl is Hor Fun. You can always choose your fav noodle type. The Hor Fun tastes even yummier, the texture is super soft and slippery (haha I know it's funny to use this adj)! The sauce is not salty at all! BRILLIANT!

Alright! Today's post is quite a short one without even my face in it haha!

Details of Wantan Mee House
Address: 232, Burmah Road, 10350 Georgetown, Penang. (Right in front of the Police Station of Pulau Tikus and its banner is in GREEN!)
Business Hours: 7am - 3.30pm (CLOSED on THU)

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