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Photo of the DAY #1 \\ Penang UNESCO Area \\ 擅闯豪宅民居 😺

by - March 14, 2017

Photo of the DAY #1 \\ Penang UNESCO Area \\ 擅闯豪宅民居

Okay! So, we took a lot of pictures on that day and I decided to separate them into a few batches. Today's topic is intruding to the stranger's house @ Penang UNESCO Area. Don't ask me the exact location coz I'm not someone who's good in direction. Keke! All I can tell is it's the opposite of Bird's Nest Cafe @ 92 Armenian Street. Our oddball, Mr. Kel insisted to take pics... But it's a good thing though~ Without him, we won't have this series of "photo of the day" to reminisce!!! This is by far the smartest idea came from him! Alright, prepare your eyes and just keep scrolling down!!! 一同擅闯豪宅民居呗!对不起,这次会比较少华语,因为本宫懒惰用脑了~哈哈!😄希望你们喜欢!😘❤️

如果你还没有Airbnb的帐号,可以用我的专用链接🔗 (,那你就可以即刻索取RM105,这回馈可以用于预订Airbnb的房间。

For the first time user, u may use my Airbnb link ( get RM105 credit for your next trip!

Camera 📷 ➡️ Canon 700D 18-135mm
Yan and Venessa (Alayanyan & Alasasa)

The sha-sha-sha guys~
Aunt Kel, Buddha... (Alakelkel & Alahoothoot)

Candid Shot.

Me & Princess fragance (KWEK)

The idea of picking up a flower from the floor and involving it in the shoot~
It worked well though~

Freaking Fake candid shot! We were talking about how to fake for the candid haha

This was directed by me, this angle~ 凯文阿姨,看👀,本宫袋钱💰进你的口袋呀!

A gracefully fail~ haha

See you guys next time!!!

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