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Bouncy Food Cafe 饱囍|毛(我四姐)的欢送会 Gwen's Farewell Party @ Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, Penang.

by - March 27, 2017

Bouncy Food Cafe 饱囍|毛(我四姐)的欢送会 Gwen's Farewell Party @ Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, Penang.

大家都有听过Bouncy Food Cafe 饱囍咖啡馆吗?Bouncy Food Cafe 饱囍位于Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas, 槟城。蛮靠近Sunshine Square的。听说以前Bouncy Food Cafe 饱囍只在下午后才🈺️营业至晚上。但是现在已经开始从早上11点营业。也听说Bouncy Food Cafe 饱囍之前是没有冷气的。‘Ho-li-ga-zai’(幸好)现在有了空调,各位就不必担心😓咯!

Has anyone heard of Bouncy Food Cafe? Bouncy Food Cafe is situated at Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas, Penang. Quite near to Sunshine Square. I heard that Bouncy Food Cafe only operated from afternoon til night previously. But they had changed their business hour to begin at 11am. Also heard that the previous Bouncy Food Cafe did not install any air conditional. 'Ho-li-ga-zai' (Hokkien-luckily) now they do have it, so you guys do not have to worry about this!

其实没去之前,虽然每天都经过,但是就从没察觉过。哈哈!因为我们都住在Bayan Lepas的地段,工作也是,所以一有假期,我们都会选择下Georgetown混咯~根本不会与友人约在Bayan Lepas的Cafes。哈哈!
Frankly, before we set our foot on this cafe, we did not notice on this cafe despite our daily passing-by. Haha! We are all staying at Bayan Lepas area, even working at there, so when it's holiday, we often will opt to hanging out at Georgetown area~ Not even once to date at Bayan Lepas cafes, just rarely. Haha!

为了欢送毛(我四姐),我们毛组合决定来个欢送会。啥是‘’组合?本宫也不懂。哈哈~待会你们就会懂。她们个个都说不懂要去哪儿庆祝,所以我就紧急网上搜查,搜到了这一家Bouncy Food Cafe 饱囍。部落客都给了蛮好的评语、脸书也是有很多网友给了4-5颗星✨,所以。。。
In order to warmly send off MO (Hokkien - meaning fur - aka my 4th sis), our MO's group decided to throw a farewell team lunch. What is 'MO' group? I don't have a single idea until now. Haha~ You guys would realize it later. All of them did not know where to go for this farewell, so I urgently made a quick online searching and had found this Bouncy Food Cafe. Bloggers gave a quite numerous of good reviews, netizens also rated 4-5 stars on Facebook, so... 


Thanks to MOMO (Vivian) for being our driver cum bodyguard~ You sure know one! haha~
Then, I had a tussle with her pet.

Befriended at the end~ PEACE! Haha!

来说说我们的组合——Mo's Garden。Mo,顾名思义就是‘毛’。为啥是Garden,那本宫就不懂咯~哈哈!她们的艺名是(从右上角随时间转)——毛毛(Vivian, MOMO),毛(Gwen, MO),毛头(Hui Ming, MOTAO, 也是Leader的意识)。完毕,本宫就叫真善美。哈哈!
Let's further discuss on our group --- Mo's Garden. 'Mo' means fur in Hokkien. Why Garden, I also don't know~ Haha! They stage names (from top right in clockwise) -- MOMO (Vivian), MO (Gwen), MOTAO (Hui Ming, TAO means leader in Hokkien). The end, mine is just Zhen Shan Mei. Haha!

Right now, only left MOMO alone~ Coz I'm in a different department.

Hamibin? What's this face?

绝对不是Candid Shot。哈哈!
100% not a candid shot. haha!

This too...

The indoor vibe~
Quite distinctive as their chairs are that kind of meeting room chairs!

Would it have worms inside?!

这才是所谓的Candid Shot啦!
This is only the real Candid Shot lah bro!

Her signature expression~ Pretending shy~ SHA SHA SHA!

Whenever I ask my 4th sis for photo taking, this series of pics would appear!!!

Finally a better one~

I was like 'Whatever'~

What we ordered on that day. It took quite long for the food to be served on our table, coz they just began their business when we reached, and the foreign cook was not here yet. Err, that cook was a French... or Italian...? I forgot! A foreigner though.


Here to mention, although a lot of people saying their waiters are kind and friendly on Facebook, but what we experienced on that day wasn't. There were two waitresses, one was a newbie, so she was forgivable. Another waitress 'B' was really unfriendly. Her attitude was quite rude and fierce. Alright, do you know how to pronounce 'Gnocchi'? It's not odd that we do not know how to pronounce it right? So, I said 'nio-qi', then she carried that dumbfounded expression or better say it as if she was literally despising me and telling me it was 'niok-ki'. Even repeated a few times. I understand that you may be just wanting to correct my pronunciation, but your way to express it needs some improvements. Plus, your pronunciation is incorrect too~ Google indicates 'nio-ki', the 'nio' is being enunciate without the sound of 'k'. Luckily, I'm quite open-minded when it comes to someone correcting me, or else, people may have fallen out with you. 

So, dear the owner of the cafe, although you'd made our way towards us asking whether there's any space for improvement with down-to-earth attitude, but we're typical Asian, so... haha! We did not tell you on the spot! So sorry. Hence, we'll tell you through blogging! The owner is nice and friendly just that waitress... haha!

The setting is bewitching. Even got the art of chicken & pig...

The menu is pretty simple in 2 pages. My hand of vein!!! So scary~

Ultimate Burger (Pork/Chicken) RM 20

‘Our rake on the most complete burger!’


然后还有,又再是那位B服务员。她说这一道是有马铃薯泥与沙拉的。过后,来的时候我们就以为这不是Ultimate Burger。然后,还要我们去追问,她才说:“哦!我们换餐单了。”,就酱。。。起码说下不好意思或是像别间店家会送些小食补偿下。服务好不好,就得由你们自己断定了。

Ultimate Burger, you may opt for chicken or pork. MOTAO ordered chick... chicken one! Not prostitute haha. I didn't try this coz I don't like bacon. However, they did not remark any comment such as delicious or what regarding this dish.

Furthermore, a thing related to that waitress B again. She told us this dish has mashed potato and salad as sides. We thought this wasn't the Ultimate Burger when it was being served on table. Then, we asked her and she only told us saying they had just changed the menu. Like this.... Without an apology or like how the other cafes would actually give us a small snack as a compensation. How's the service, you guys should really experience by yourself.

Please! Save your image~

So, she went back to image of naive and shy~

Bouncy Duck Breast RM25

‘A flavourful burst in your mouth and juicy duck breast.’


A lot of netizens rated this dish with full of positive comments. We thought this was so so only. The mashed potato was not specially nice in smell. The duck's consistency was a bit hard, sauce wasn't remarkable either. Not really encourage you guys to try this. BUT, still depends on your personal tastebuds. haha!

The portion was not super gigantic but just the plate made it look bigger haha!

Bouncy Gourmet Burger (Pork/Chicken) RM15

‘A standard premium burger done right. Taste the meat, not the sauce.’

这是店家的招牌汉堡🍔。呃。。。我真的觉得有待加强。真的没什么特别吸引的地方。但是,面包很特别,应该是Bread Rus的面包。还是Book Sandwich的最好吃。

This was their specialty. Err... I really think that this could be done better. Nothing so special about this. But, they buns were quite special, I think probably from Bread Rus. I still think that Book Sandwich has the best BURGER (link is down below).

Book Sandwich 链接🔗 ➡️ First Visit & 2nd visit 。

She looks like WITCH! Haha!

Blue Cheese Gnocchi RM 22

‘Gnocchi - a traditional Italy Bouncy Pasta coated with creamy blue cheese and season lightly with pepper and nuts.’

意大利🇮🇹马铃薯面疙瘩,读音为。。。还是别说了,我已害怕😨念错了哈哈!好啦!开玩笑😝啦,‘n(j)ɒki’。这是我的最爱😘!之前,搭Cathay Pacific去韩国🇰🇷是,我和四姐都点了减肥餐,然后她拿到普通的马铃薯块,我拿到的却是这个Gnocchi。应该是空姐搞糊涂了,拿了商务舱的给我哈哈!从那时开始,我就超喜欢的❤️~

店家的Gnocchi,不会硬、不会整个面粉块似的。Gnocchi的口感软软的,浓稠酱汁充满起司🧀️的香气,然后上头的花生粉,添加了不一样的感觉。好像中西合拼。让我想起麻糍。哈哈!我喜欢这道。有空也要尝尝Cozy in the Rocket的,还没去过。

Italian Gnocchi, pronounce as... don't mention it anymore coz I have the phobia d! ahaha! Ok, just kidding. n(j)ɒki’. This was my favourite of the day! Previously, when I went to Korea by Cathay Pacific, me and Gwen ordered the diet meal, she got the normal potato cuts but I got this Gnocchi. I think it was a mistake made by air stewardess that she mistook the business class diet meal to me. haha! Ever since, I fall in love with this~

Their Gnocchi was not hard or powdery. The gnocchi's texture was soft, rich sauce with cheesy flavour, a dash of peanut powder on top which made it outstanding. Like western meets eastern. I thought of Muachi. Haha! I like this. I should try the one from Cozy in the Rocket as well, haven't tried it out yet.

Can't live without smart phone!

Can't believe that me and 4th sis could only be working in the same company for just merely a few month. Hope that she could find herself appreciated in the new company. GOOD LUCK~

The very next day was her last day~ Of course need to snap pics!
When you want to bomb people's selfies...haha!

Who helped us with this shot?!

This Arabian, actually I'm not sure his nationality too haha!

That MOMO is pretty an upstaging person!

Not even ready yet!!!

Kept going to spoil their selfies, They even zoomed in my face to see whether got any flaw. But they gave up saying there wasn't any!!! Haha! I'm still young what! Every year 18-year-old!

Then, this MOMO even made this collage to me and asked what was wrong with my mouth on that day! haha!

Alright! See ya~


Details of Bouncy Food Cafe 饱囍

Address: Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Business Hour: 11am - 10pm (Mon to Fri)|11am - 4pm (Sat)|CLOSED on SUN
Tel: 011 1072 0511

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