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Photo of the DAY #2 \\ BEAUTY and the BEAST \\ 美女与野兽

by - March 21, 2017

Photo of the DAY #2 \\ BEAUTY and the BEAST \\ 美女与野兽

Hello! It's Tuesday! I'm feeling utterly threatened by how fast the time has passed. Are you afraid too? BTW, I really wish to watch 'BEAUTY and the BEAST' but it seems hopeless d. Haizzzz! However, I think this title is so matching this series of pictures! Haha! Actually, it should be 'BEAUTIES and the only BEAST'! Furthermore, have you guys listened to BEAST's new song? Oh no! They had changed their name to HIGHLIGHT! Haha! Why so many BEASTy things happened one?!


Aunt Kelvin, are you happy now?! Taking pic with your goddess!


Research indicates people who often strike this pose are mostly with shy personality... BUT... Will he feel shy for a second?!

'I'm too happy to be able to have pics with so many beauties!!!'

With our ex-manager! The BEST manager ever!!!

I like this! Not because of me but the guy's facial expression beside me haha!

With Yan. Don't be suspicious, they are not a pair~

Taking a pic with him is harder than taking a pic with girls. It took us too long and I ended up with this expression! BTW, it's not the middle-finger ya! I'm not that rude! keke!

Alright! Hope you guys like this little and short update on potd! See ya!

📷 ➡️ Canon 700d 18-135mm

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