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FUKU Eatery & Dessert Cafe \\ Japanese CURRY? @ Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang.

by - June 05, 2018

FUKU Eatery & Dessert Japanese Cafe @ Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Hi guys! It's been a while since I updated my cafe experience here! Haha! Today, I'd like to introduce Fuku Eatery and Dessert to you! It's quite new... (maybe I'm outdated) As I churn into the working society, I rarely hang out at cafes. Don't you always feel that time is NOT enough for us as the bread-winner of our family? But we need to be positive on this, don't let stress carries us away from what really important to us. Hence, we do need to spent some money and time at this kind of new or nice cafes, restaurant or even for an experience. So-called 'soulful investment' for adults.

I'd heard of Fuku cafe for such a long time. And I always wanted to try it out as I have some scandal relationships with Tonkatsu haha! Alright, what is Fuku? I didn't know this meaning until now (after asking Mr. Google). It means 'good fortune' (福). When I dined there in Fuku Eatery & Dessert Cafe, I thought Fuku means the fortune cat as I saw a lot of the cat illustrations on the wall behind the counter. Haha! I went there on Wesak Day with my 2nd sis! Finally, got a public holiday, so of course I had to fully utilize it!

It was quite packed in this Fuku Cafe. A tip here is to give the waiter your name for the line or else they won't keep places for you. We were lucky as we only required to wait for less than 15 mins. :) Then, we were being directed to the seats right next to the counter and the bar where they make drinks. It was a nice spot though coz I always get bewitched by those who make drinks! Not romantically but just theoretically as I used to be a bartender haha!

The blue cake looks special, I wonder how it taste....

Prior to our visit, my sis told me that a lot of her friends claimed that Fuku Cafe's food is not toothsome. I was like, WHAT?! A bit disappointed and wanted to go for the other cafes. God blessed me that I did not change the plan. It was freaking yummy ok?! Haha!

Their simple menu:

Sadly, we only ordered 1 dish to share due to the negative comments from the others. And of course a drink. Although they don't have minimum order for patrons but I do respect them.

Iced Matcha Latte RM15

I'm a honest person so not gonna sprinkle some fake positive comments on this. The matcha is really bitter, it's normal though. However, it doesn't taste like the usual Matcha Latte at the other cafes. No sweetness at all. Is this supposed to be like this? A healthy one? Haha! But I like it though, coz I don't like sweet drinks. Just that my sis couldn't stand for it.

Chicken Katsu RM14

Mmm Mmm Mm! It's oishiii desiouuu! (I know it's incorrect!) I am so regret until now that I only ordered 1 main. Haha! I should've ordered 2 meals! First thing first, the rice is not the normal rice coz I'm really afraid to eat those Japanese food that comes with our local rice... You know lah the quality! Second, the curry sauce is sauce is so yummy! Not over salty, just on point! You'll be feeling homey after this! Lastly, the chicken cutlet is so amazing! It's crunchy, not oily and fresh. The portion is huge too! Definitely a MUST for you!

Besides, there has a separate part which sells handcrafts even cheong sam. The toilet is also at the other side, not in the eatery area which I was embarrassed of walking to their kitchen at that time haha. It's clean and high-end, NICE!

Below are all the pics I took on that day, so... U may scroll with your eyes closed haha

Happy Wesak day theme? What a coincidence haha!

I was being forced to do this hair-flipping pose... Pls believe me... haha

I hope you like this sharing and see you guys in real soon!


Wonder Queen.

Details of Fuku Eatery AND Dessert Japanese Cafe

Address: 37B, Beach Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hour: 
9AM-6PM = Mon-Thu (Kitchen closes at 3PM)
9AM-9PM = Fri-Sun (Kitchen break between 3PM-5.30PM)
=Closed on every 1st WED of the month=
Tel: 016-302 2102

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