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Rooster Roast - HEALTHY LUNCH for WORK @ The One, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

by - July 11, 2018

Rooster Roast - HEALTHY LUNCH for WORK @ The One, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

What's up yo! I'm still here in Wrexham, UK. Since I'm alone in my hotel room, let me fully utilize my spare time to share some good food with you! Have you heard of Rooster Roast? It's located in The One building. So, this is a great news for those who work in Bayan Lepas, Bayan Baru or Batu Maung Industrial area! New yummy spot is here for you!

My 4th sis, Gwendolyn told me about Rooster Roast. She was having lunch at Rooster Roast with her colleagues and found that it was quite decent. I then suggested to my lunch mates from work - Phoebe and CaiYao. Haha! So, here we were!
Rooster Roast is pretty new and they only have 1 page menu. It's pretty clear that their main spotlight is the chicken itself which you may grasp it from Rooster Roast's logo haha!

All of us ordered the 'SOLO COMBO' as we were so drawn from the worklife haha!
It comes with Original Sweet Roast (chicken itself), gravy, 2 sides and a small peach / lemon iced tea.
I ordered Vitamin A Boost, Phoebe took Rainbow Plate and Caiyao took Not Your Ordinary Chicken Rice (if not mistaken). If you ask me whether it's healthy, I'd say quite healthy coz the portion is not too huge or too small and the sweet potato is a great source when it comes to diet and weight loss, isn't it?

Vitamin A Boost (RM13.5)

This comes with House Salad with light and tasty dressing, 3 tiny scoops of Sweet Potato Mash. Recently, I'd tried Burger & Lobster in London and their Sweet Potato Chips were drifting me away to heaven! OMO! I think I'm in love with Sweet Potato liao~ Rooster Roast's Sweet Potato Mash was decent too, smooth, moderate in sweetness, not too thick. Here's the tip, you may choose whether you want chicken breast or drumstick. Of course, I chose drumstick! You'll never go wrong with drumstick! The chicken itself was amazingly cooked, juicy, not to salty (but it'll be better if it's less salty haha) and the taste won over Kenny Roger's one haha! A hint of sweetness from the skin. Then, I only had a glass of sky juice coz I just don't drink juices... CaiYao loved the sauce so much even I gave it to her haha coz I wasn't that into it~

The lady owner was so friendly and nice that she refilled water for me!!! She even asked if my friends want to refresh with water as well! (not really sure whether she's the owner but I think so keke...)

 BTW, I saw Suet Li (Sulli) haha! She was my high school bus mate and also KPOP mate! We often talked about our KPOP idols, Korean food and everything regarding to Korea!

Alright, I hope this post could help you in mind-mapping on where to lunch next time!

See you!


Wonder Queen.

Details of Rooster Roast

Address: 2-1, 30, Tingkat Mahsuri, The One, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Business Hour: 11AM - 9PM (EVERYDAY)
Tel: +60 17-562 0046

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  1. I believe that chinese lady is the owner

    1. Hihi pingguoniang!
      haha I think so too coz she always appears in front of the counter~


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