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Living Room of Macalister Mansion for scrumptious Breakfast @ Penang.

by - May 06, 2014

 Living Room of Macalister Mansion for early birds' scrumptious Breakfast at Penang. It's located at Jalan Macalister road but I know that it is a long long road so what I can say is, you just need to know where the 'new' Loh Guan Lai is and you'll find it. But be aware as this MM(Macalister Mansion) has a very concealed appearance. I finally found it after my second attempt with the helps from my friends. OMG!

오랜만이야 친구야! 요즘 어떻게 지내? I bet you'll like, what the heck is Sammy writing? Yupe, it's Korean. Let me utilize my blog as a platform for me to revise my long-time-no-use Korean.
오랜만이야 친구야! ~o-raen-man-hi-ya chingu ya~ "It's been a long time, my friend!"
요즘 어떻게 지내? ~yo-juem eotteoke jinae~ "How are you doing?"
Let us learn these two sentences for today!

Alright, back to the topic! About a week ago, right after my super ordinary traditional real birthday on Friday, two of my college besties dated me out. Since I'm best-known for the nickname of early bird (it's real okay! Haha!), I told them to start our Saturday earlier at 7.30am. I first suggested to have our breakfast at MoonTree but ended up changing the plan. They wanted to wear pretty ladylike dresses as I always bring along my camera when there's a gathering. Thus, they thought it would be super awkward sitting in heritage cafe. MM came into our mind. And, our early plan only went on after 10am. So, who were my noblewomen? 

Here's a hint! Give a guess lah~!

Here's how I celebrated my BIG day with my loving family. A plateful of Red Eggs is a MUST. On that day, my 2nd sis insisted to buying my birthday. We ran around the Pulau Tikus and Georgetown areas just for buying a cake. I went to GAMA's Four Leaves (nice breads but not cakes, I mean there's just a few types of cakes), Shinamon (same case with the first one), MeiXin (at that time still in renovation), Grain Loaf (I thought it was okay to me but Karen didn't like it) and finally we decided to buy cake from Jenny's. We are like the frequent (when it comes to someone's birthday) customers of theirs. Their cakes are in variety of flavors and designs. The most importantly is they keep a good quality. Nice job! I chose the Chocolate Rum, I personally liked its rummy cream filling. And, I didn't expect them to draw a LOVE shape on my cake! Muahaha! Yes, my name is 陈真善美, don't ask me why! I'm tired of answering to this FAQ- frequent ask question!

Start from here, you'll get photo spamming, if you are doing assignment, just close it as it'll slow down your line. In the early Saturday morning, not so early though, a cup of Cappuccino is the best companion.
Cappuccino (RM 14) if I'm not mistaken. This is so good! Perfectly blend of espresso and milk in a light fluffy texture. So velvety! I'm not sure did they add in some sugar for me coz I thought it was lightly sweet.

 Me enjoying my drink with my 3rd sis at another table. We didn't intend to go gathering at the same place. I still remembered I asked her before I heading out where would she go and she answered me Georgetown area. I told her I'd either go to MM or MoonTree. The moment we stepped in, I didn't see her but my friends did and they asked if that girl wearing Red cloth was my 3rd sis. I was like 'what the heck'! She frightened me leh! Haha! I won't disclose who she date on that day. I'll keep it a Secret! Muahaha!

Pretty Ally Cheah! Hey look at the blonde behind, she smiled and posed too! Muahaha!

I couldn't stop to take photos with my 3rd sis! Haha!

Here's another sexy baby namely Kelly Ng!

A MUST for girls!

Amoi, sedap tak?!

Croissant Set (RM 18) with scramble egg & chicken sausage. The scramble egg is peppery with a slight buttery fragrant. Chicken sausage is tender and not greasy at all. The lead role, croissant is puffy and extremely buttery with airy texture. Even tastier together with the jams.

Here's the pineapple jam, strawberry jams and butter! I personally like all the jams especially the pineapple one as it's rarely to find in Penang.

Unagi & Scramble Egg (RM 28) with sourdough, hondashi mayo, pickled shallot, teriyaki glaze & bonito. The hard crust bread is a bit tangy with vaguest hint of tartness. Kinda like eating the french bread. All of the ingredients being mixed flawlessly together and hit the frontier of British and Japan. The Unagi is so delicious and not being overcooked, still remain its Q-ness!

Two awesomeness for 3 gals!

Kelly's hand. She really likes to snap pics of everything!

Before munching like a cannibal!

Ally met her friend unexpectedly so I helped them to snap a pic for memory.

Finally, it's time to binge!!!

However, Kelly said, 'let me take a selfie'...
Me too!!!

After dining, selfie queen must take SELFIES!!!
Kisses from my perempuan!
A bit failed as I wasn't be able to capture Kelly's whole face muahaha!
When I wanted to take my own selca, two naughty girls did this to me!
Suddenly someone opened the main door and the wind blew in and so Kelly's hairs...But I like it, it's naturally taken!
When I said, come together! And Ally...
Sorry, Peng but I think this is so nice! Cool man!
Kelly's showing baby face! Malay lelaki-lelaki suka ni muka lah amoi! Haha!
That tissue! I wanna kill Kelly for throwing it at there! Ruined my pic!
Eyy, sexy lady~!!! Oops, out of trend!

Kelly brought me to the counter and asked me to choose cakes. I was like wow wow wow and both of us made up our minds after likely 10 mins standing and hovering in front of the cake shelves. They are currently having a promotion on cakes, you'll get discount if you order 4 pieces of cakes. And aunty-like Kelly wanted to buy 4 pieces but I said No! Haha! She ordered and asked the waiter to write 'happy birthday' on the plate and present to us. After like 15 mins....
Yoo Hoo, everyone in the MM was singing birthday song for me. This was my first time didn't feel awkward at all but contented and moved.
The waiter said the bartender or chef could write it so he wrote on this paper with edges being burned. Kamsahamnida~!
Happy girl! I didn't expect them to celebrate my bday with me! Aku cinta padamu! Why am I always writing in Malays?? Patriotism?
Thanks Ally!!!
Terima Kasih seripipinjino! Sorry if you couldn't understand as this is our language.
This cake is moist and smooth. But a bit heavy that's why they sell in this tiny amount.

After all, here goes our group photos. Taken by that same waiter.
Present from Kelly! TQ! I like PINK!

  Be sure to grab the promotion price ya!
The cake shelves!

This was the waiter who helped us taking pictures and writing the script of 'Happy Birthday'. He was so funny and even playing magics for other customers. Good service!

Here's some photos!!!
Stay tuned for the footage! Chill la bro!

And we headed to Paragon Mall and Ally met her another friend unexpectedly. She is Nikki Law.

Alright, I'm tired now after rushing my assignment and blogging. So BYE! See you next time in my upcoming Taiwan travel post!

Details of MM:
Address: 228 Macalister Road, 10400 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact number: 04-228 3888/ 012-632 7729/ 04-228 3883
Business Hour: daily 8am to 12am, last order at 10.30pm.

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