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Running Man Collaboration between Korea and China

by - January 18, 2015

Wow! I can't wait to show you guys this. Although I'm a bit late, haha I think this was being aired for such a long time. Probably last year (where we are just on the 18th 2015)! Yesterday night, I was being abandoned alone at home with my 2nd sis (but she always looks at her tablet which equals to nobody's beside me). You know that kind of feeling, whenever the clock strikes and chimes after 8pm and you're still alone with the no-interesting-show TV. Sadness. Madness.

Fortunately, this ludicrous show was being aired on my TV! Okay, actually it is the China version of Running Man aka Run! Brother! But this episode is funnier and more interesting because of the presence of the members from Korean version!
 I don't know why, Running Man in Korean version is always my favourite variety show. I still remember the first episode I watched in the past was the one with my idol Lee Hyori! No matter who the guests are, this show always makes me LOL! 

In this episode, you can see how the giraffe aka KwangSoo being mesmerized and intoxicated by AngelaBaby. The 'forever' 1 to 1 war between Lin Geng Xin and SeokJin. The clueless JaeSuk and he was even irritated by the persistence of SeokJin to not receive any helps from him. JaeSuk told SeokJin you better win it or else I'll tear your name tag! Haha! But they are in the same group. Haha and that ZhenHuan's hubby had a dance battle too. At the end, Kim Joong Kok won it! Sure thang! But I can't believe that AngelaBaby was the last one in this battle with Kim Joong Kok! As the other part of this episode, you should watch it yourself! Here you go!

And bye! See you next time when I become the stronger and better person! Fighting everyone! Don't stop chasing your dream!

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