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January Updates!

by - February 01, 2015

Time passes way too fast. Feel like I wasn't even officially saying Bonjour to January and it's time for me to say Adieu! Yupe, some of you wonder where had I been to as I showed my disappearance on-line as well as off-line. Here's the answer. 

Ever since the firework striking at the midnight which exemplifies the launch of brand new year, a lot of thoughts smother my mind. I literally flashed back what I had done in last year. During the whole month of January, I'd been busying with some readings. I read a numberless pile of inspirational quotes and books to balance myself. I was so scared to lose my family in the future as I finally realized not only my parents but also including my sisters are getting older. Sometimes, I wish I have the fountain of forever young so I can let them drink and maintain their current appearance and live on earth everlastingly. However, it does not exist in real life. I had to find another more meaningful way to nail my puzzlement. 

After days and days of meditation and self-enhancement, I think the most powerful way is to be HAPPY. We need to think of all the good things that have been through in our lifetime. Yes, you sure can reminisce back but you should not blame yourself for not achieving what you had set on your resolution list last year. I know a lot of people would feel so small of not achieving it like 'aiyoyo I did not lose weight' or 'Chek Ak my cgpa was so low' and etc. Instead, we need to focus on the current situation. Okay the old cliche tells us 'everything happens for a reason'. The failure of last year inspires you to work even harder in this year. Another one is too worrying about the uncertain and vague future. I was this kind of person but now I'm not. I was too focusing on my future and ended up suffocating myself. Haha! After reading 'the Secret', I started to visualize my future without a huge stone in my stomach. I visualize the good things in my future. This is so real. I was thrilled. When I was fat back in my primary til college time, I often visualized myself as a not-obese girl (I was freaking obese before). And now, I achieved it. Alright, I think I am going way too sentimental today haha!

And people ask me why I do not want to utilize my blog wisely and refuse to attend events in order to earn more $$. Okay, first and the foremost, don't call me a blogger. I'm not a blogger but just a girl! I just can't step out my privacy zone you know. This is way too complicated so I think I'm not gonna explain anymore. Thanks for your support!

I just received a mail telling me who my supervisor for my dissertation is. OMG! It's looming... ... I'm excited though coz this coming sem is my last sem in Uni! Yeppi! Graduation soon! Muahaha! I need to lull myself from over-excitement! 

I think this update is way too long so I'm gonna stop here! BYE!

Wonder Queen.

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